Xperia Miro: The New Facebook Featured Smart Phone with Android ICS

Xperia Miro with Facebook Integration and ICS

Sony is simply unmatched when it has to deliver the technologically hi-tech phones. After Tipo, Sony has now unveiled Xperia Miro Android Smart Phone. The biggest advantage of Xperia Miro will be to the masses who love social networking. This phone will bring in Facebook integration on the Android ICS platform. This is really something people were waiting for. It is anticipated that perhaps this Android Smart Phone will really create havoc among the masses.

Here are the specs for Sony’s new Xperia Miro:

Xperia Miro Specs and Features

3.5 Inch Touchscreen

Capacitive display

5MP camera on the back

Facebook software which is customized for simple and easy sharing and liking the content via the operating system

Android ICS 4.0

Front facing camera for VoIP video calling

Timescape UI

These are the only details we know about Xperia Miro as of now. The company should announce the detailed specs soon and when this happens we are sure, it would bring cheers on your faces. We expect this phone to be a medium budget phone. However, we do not know the price of the Smart Phone now as Sony has not made any official announcement on this.

For Galaxy S3 it was said that this phone is designed for humans. But for Xperia Miro the word is, it is made out of imagination. You would have a question that how did we get all these details from? Well, we found Xperia Miro unveiled at the company’s official Facebook page. This handset really looks awesome and will create a specific niche fan base for itself. But still, this may not be choice for the high end Smart Phone users.

Sony has always created a buzz whenever it has come up with new phone. Even though Samsung stands ahead in the race, Sony simply can not be discarded. This Japanese mobile maker has its own space and thus we expect that Miro will get similar welcome as compared to the other handsets released and announced over a few days now.

Do let us know what you feel about Xperia Miro and what do you think will be the response of the people to this. We would love to get your responses on this. Kindly share your views right here on the comment section. We will keep you updated on this as and when we receive more news on this. So just stay tuned!

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