Is HTC’s Upcoming Phablet the New Nexus 5?


there’s one more leak which is getting good footage these days and that is, the new Nexus 5 is on the charts and perhaps HTC Phablet might come up as new Nexus 5.[…]

Experience Jelly Bean Love on HTC Desire via CyanogenMod 10

htc desire

The latest development here is CM10 port on HTC Desire. Yes, reputed developer bWorks from XDA came up with CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Desire. This has been ported from Nexus and thus the ROM already has Google Apps loaded in it.[…]

T-Mobile Amaze 4G gets Jelly Bean CM10

jelly bean

Jelly Bean AOSP CM10 ROM for T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G.Jelly Bean is the flavour of the season and the way it has gone viral is just awesome. Everyone in the Android world is talking about Jelly Bean and the way the movement has begun up, it is truly appreciable by all means. Yesterday we talked about Jelly Bean alpha on HTC Sensation and today we are talking about another HTC handset for T-Mobile.[…]

HTC Sensation gets Jelly Bean CM10

HTC Sensation

Jelly Bean AOSP ROM for HTC Sensation CM10 Build.Bassini, one of the senior members at XDA came up with a beautiful Jelly Bean AOSP ROM for HTC Sensation. This ROM is available only for test and thus you can say that still it is in the beta stage. It is apt for testers and Android enthusiasts who have enough technical knowledge. This ROM is named as BassROM Jelly Bean edition. This Jelly Bean ROM for HTC sensation is based on CM10 build.[…]

Root HTC Desire C Aka HTC Golf

HTC Wildfire C Golf release date

Procedure to Root HTC Desire C with Superboot .The very first thing you must do is download Superboot r1 from the link given at the link given at the end of the post.Now, you need to extract the same to a directory.[…]

Enrich your HTC Sensation with Jelly Bean Stuffs

HTC Sensation

Well, it is not a Jelly Bean port for HTC Sensation. It still seems to be under development. What we bring to you is Jelly Bean stuffs for Sensation from the system dump.Recognized Developer febycv came up with this amazing enhancement. He has developed Jelly Bean apps for ICS, Jelly Bean boot animation as well as Jelly Bean wall papers. […]

When will Mobile Makers along with Sony Roll Jelly Bean Update

jelly bean

As far as mobile makers like Sony is concerned, there is no official statement from the company. But looking into the way Sony handles such developments, we estimate that there is still some more time Sony phone users will have to wait. Just a few days back we witnessed ICS update on Xperia phones. So Jelly Bean for Sony phones is still a long way.[…]

Jelly Bean ROM for HTC One X

jelly bean_android_4_1

One of the XDA’s reputed member tgascoigne released the port, Android Jelly Bean ROM 4.1 for HTC One X. So now HTC One X users will get the flavor of Jelly Bean 4.1 via Jelly Bean ROM. The news that HTC One X gets Jelly Bean 4.1 unofficially has really thrilled many One X users. […]

Rooting Procedure for HTC Sensation on ICS

HTC Sensation

Root HTC Sensation on ICS (ICS ROM HBoot 1.27.000) Post ICS we were thinking that now it would be apt to root HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation is an amazing handset and rooting the same will surely open up many avenues. In this procedure we will use HTC One X All in one Roolkit. We are thankful […]

Root HTC Sensation XE on ICS (ICS ROM HBoot 1.27.000)


Officially Root Sensation XE on Ice Cream Sandwich.If you wish to root HTC Sensation XE on ICS then here’s an easy method that will help you take up the rooting procedure. […]

Enable Single Click Wi-Fi Tethering on AT&T HTC One X


One Click Wi-Fi Tethering Tool for AT&T One X. We are sure you were in search of some tweak that would help you share the data connection of AT&T One X with the help of Wi-Fi Tethering for free. Well, good news is, it is very much possible now. […]

Install CWM Recovery on AT&T HTC One X after Unlocking the Bootloader


HTC One X Clockworkmod Recovery. MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien has now released Clockworkmod (CWM) for AT&T HTC One X. The biggest benefit of this recovery is that now you will be able to install kernels, ROMs and alterations. Thus all those who wish to customize their AT&T HTC One X can install ClockworkMod Recovery so that customization becomes a treat.

Disable Bloatware on T-Mobile HTC One S


Tutorial to Hide/Disable Bloatware on T-Mobile HTC One S. HTC One S is a rocking handset and it deserves the privilege to get users’ appreciation. T-Mobile HTC One S is a perfect combination of a functional handset as accompanied with the affordability feature. […]

Root HTC Evo 4G LTE using Simple Scripts

One Click Root for HTC Evo 4G LTE. Rooting an Android Smart Phone is really a good way of opening so many avenues for the gadget. Rooting allows customization and thus one can seek tailor made solutions for the issues and needs.

JollyRancher AOKP ROM 4.0.4 on HTC One S


Features of HTC One S new AOKP ROM include ICS ringtones
Customize carrier text to whatever, Disable Boot animation
So, are you impressed with the above features? If yes, then we are sure you would feel like installing JollyRancher ROM on HTC One S quickly.[…]