Is HTC’s Upcoming Phablet the New Nexus 5?


there’s one more leak which is getting good footage these days and that is, the new Nexus 5 is on the charts and perhaps HTC Phablet might come up as new Nexus 5.[…]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Round Ups


There are some rumor round ups also in relation to Galaxy S4 specs and most of the industry experts feel that this beast would have a 5 inches display.[…]

Sony Xperia T will appear in Next James Bond Movie

xperia T

We are sure 007 fans would surely love all the gadgets that James Bond uses. So, for them the new and delightful goody will be James Bond’s Sony Xperia T. This means that the sales are surely going to increase for Xperia T in comparison to other handsets of Sony. Also, the new Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, iPhone etc. would feel jealous as they could not be part of the 007 gadget troop.[…]

New Xperia S ICS Firmware 6.1.A.2.45 Review

xperia s

This review will provide you an apt guidance about whether you wish to install new ICS Firmware on Xperia S or not. Also, do let us know how you found this post. Put your doubts and feedback here in the comment section. […]

Sony Xperia S Tablet Specs and Features Announced at IFA

xperia s tab

We have provided you apt info about Xperia S Tablet price. Good news is that pre-orders have already started from today. You can also order accessories like cover with keyboard, dock speaker, charging cradle[…]

Sony Xperia V Specs Announced at IFA

xperia V

These phones were just unveiled at IFA 2012. This event was held at Berlin. If you are quite desperate to know what are the specs and features of Xperia V then just read on the matter given below[…]

Sony Xperia T Specs and Features Announced at IFA 2012

xperia T

Sony Xperia T is the latest Flagship Smart Phone from Sony. In this article we shall provide you information about Xperia T specs and features.[…]

Keep Watch on Features of CM10 by CyanogenMod


CyanogenMod’s Jelly Bean CM10 Features Listed.We understand that if you have any of the handsets as in Galaxy S3, HTC Sensation, Motorola Defy or ASUS then already CM10 has come up for that (alpha, beta or perfect one). But there are many handsets which are still under development and there’s few days pending before CM10 is released for them. […]

ZTE Athena Features and Specs Leaked

zte athena

ZTE Athena: Is this the Thinnest Smart Phone? ZTE is a popular name in the mobile phone world. With its Smart Phone manufacturing and marketing, it has created its own space among the competitors. Even though there are many mobile makers like Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc. ZTE has no reason to stay behind. This is because it has good fan and user base. Coming to ZTE Athena, even though we feel that size zero is not anymore sexy, still, somewhere we fantasize for thinnest things. […]

Sony Xperia GX International Features, Specs and Pictures Leaked: Is it Hayabusa?


As per one of the video leaks on Youtube, it was anticipated that the leaked specifications and features belong to International Xperia GX and thus it should be out for launch soon. The expected features and specifications as per the video leak suggest the following […]

FaceBook acquires Tagtile Customer loyalty App

Facebook acquires Tagtile

FaceBook Acquires Tagtile Customer Loyalty App FaceBook has been making many strategic moves these days and after the Instragram acquisition this networking giant now wants to develop its feathers in the mobile commerce field. Yes, there is yet another acquisition and this time it is Tagtile. This is also a major acquisition and FaceBook has […]

HTC Sensation XE – Samsung Galaxy S2 killer – full reivew

HTC Sensation, the initial model, was brought in to fight back the much in hype Samsung Galaxy SII. This android was released just around the time Galaxy SII was released, but it did not match the level of Galaxy SII. Within a short time span of 2 months, to outsmart Galaxy SII, HTC  has come […]

Micromax A75 Superfone Lite review and price in India

The word Superfone is truly a big responsibility. When a cell phone is termed as a Superfone, it is but natural that there would be a lot of expectations. A75 from Micromax is the second offering in reality. Before that A85 was released and even though it had the promotion as Superfone, it did not […]

Spice Mi-350n Dual SIM Android Phone review and features

Just a couple of months back Spice came up with an amazing Dual SIM Android Phone that would surely woo the android lovers. Spice Mi-350n is another special handset after Samsung Y Duo and it has really promised the users with dual SIM and the perfect android platform. This device has 650 MHz processor and […]

Android Dual SIM LG Optimus Net Dual review and features

LG Optimus Net Dual mobile was announced just last year. It had a rocking launch in the same year i.e.2011. LG Optimus Net Dual has GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 2G coverage on SIM1/SIM2  and  HSDPA 900/2100 3G network coverage on SIM1  alone. This phone falls in the category of affordable dual SIM android […]