Hashcode’s Safestrap for Motorola Droid RAZR HD

Motorola Droid Razr HD

What is Hashcode Safestrap for Droid RAZR HD. In order to know what Safestrap is, you should know what bootstrap is. If you have detailed idea about this, you can easily understand Hashcode’s Safestrap for Motorola Droid RAZR HD. […]

Explore Sony’s New Xperia App from Mid- September

sony smart connect app

Xperia Smart Connect App really seems to be quite interesting. Thus, you can understand that with this app you will be able to create your own events. You can also choose the pre-defined events. We are sure Sony Xperia users would be thrilled when they get a chance to use this app. […]

Procedure to Install Walkman App on Xperia Handset with ICS

xperia ray

Walkman app can be ported to Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, Active and Ray. Of course, these are Xperia 2011 devices. But the effect that will be produced after addition of this app would surely be awesome. In this article we shall provide you procedure to install Walkman app on Xperia 2011 devices.[…]

Top 4 Android Apps for MBA Students


Must have Android Apps for Prospective MBA.MBA students have lately realized that they just can’t do without an Android Smart Phone. This is because being in this study course; they have to stay prepared almost all the time. There is a need of proficiency in Math, Logic, English, Finance and many other areas if you study for MBA.[…]

Top 3 Android Apps for Railway Commuters

Android Phone

we have accumulated some important information for daily railway commuters. Yes, what we are talking about is the top 5 Android apps for railway commuters. We know that having an Android Smart Phone is very common these days and many commuters use Android. But do you know that some important Android Railway apps help you to make your travel so easy?[…]

How to Use Direct Call Feature on Galaxy S3

direct-call s3

Now, you really know what direct call feature in S3 mean and how important it is. But there’s a trick that you have to follow for enabling the feature. Here’s a simple tutorial showing the method to enable direct call feature on S3.[…]

Install Google Now Voice Search apk on Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on ICS 4.0. But you can download and install Google Voice Search apk on S3 (credit to XDA member). In this article we will show you this.[…]

SBeam for Sharing Content on Another Galaxy S3

galaxy s3

There was a time when sharing content was tough and one would need complicated set ups and all. But with Samsung Galaxy S3, these problems are discarded. With SBeam Galaxy S3 content sharing becomes just a button away.[…]

Install Google Now on Micromax Funbook

micromax funbook

How to Install Google Now on Funbook P300 from Micromax. Micromax Funbook P300 is a 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is one of the most affordable tablets as available in today’s times. This fun and educational tablet is priced at around Rs 6500-7000 in India. Other features of Micromax Funbook tablet include 1.22 GHz processor,[…]

Install Google Now on Samsung Galaxy Pocket with ICS

galaxy pocket

Google Now for Galaxy Pocket with ICS.In March we had news that Samsung Galaxy Pocket has got an ICS update. This was something really good for the Samsung’s low end Android handset. In fact, the Android platform itself is quite revolutionary by all means. There are so many updates, changes as well as inventions every other day. Recently we have been hearing loads of news based on Jelly Bean[…]

Enrich your HTC Sensation with Jelly Bean Stuffs

HTC Sensation

Well, it is not a Jelly Bean port for HTC Sensation. It still seems to be under development. What we bring to you is Jelly Bean stuffs for Sensation from the system dump.Recognized Developer febycv came up with this amazing enhancement. He has developed Jelly Bean apps for ICS, Jelly Bean boot animation as well as Jelly Bean wall papers. […]

Enjoy Jelly Bean Sony Xperia Theme

jelly bean

Get Sony Xperia Jelly Bean Themes V.1 Vico.Jelly Bean is the word everywhere. Over a few days we have seen Jelly Bean 4.1 ROMs ported on various handsets like Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and such other popular handsets. Also, we have seen how Jelly Bean 4.1 apps are working on various other phones as well even without the Jelly Bean custom ROM. […]

Android Jelly Bean Apps for Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo


Xperia Neo with ICS gets Jelly Bean Apps. You can get many good Jelly Bean apps on your Sony Xperia Neo. This is really exciting news. One of the active members at XDA named sujeesh.p7 came up with this particular invention and this is something that can give Xperia Neo users a warm Jelly Bean apps experience.[…]

Time Warner App for Rooted and Unrooted ICS 4.0 Android devices


A couple of days back there was good news for Time Warner lovers. The company has been reported to update Time Warner Android app. The support as mentioned will help in streaming TV on Android 4.0 devices. But there was a negative part as well in this news and that was, this update was only […]

FaceBook acquires Tagtile Customer loyalty App

Facebook acquires Tagtile

FaceBook Acquires Tagtile Customer Loyalty App FaceBook has been making many strategic moves these days and after the Instragram acquisition this networking giant now wants to develop its feathers in the mobile commerce field. Yes, there is yet another acquisition and this time it is Tagtile. This is also a major acquisition and FaceBook has […]