Install Xtreme Mod Custom ROM on Micromax A89 Ninja 2

Micromax A89 Ninja 2

Do you own a Micromax A89 Ninja 2? Well, you are a lucky fellow. Its one of the best dual core phone in the market right now. There are so many great features like: 3MP rear camera, runs on 4.0 ICS, has 4 inch screen and many more. Even developer community has attended this phone […]

Rooting Micromax A54 Smarty using Bin4ry Root Tool

Micromax A54 Smarty Picture

If you have been looking forward to root your Micromax A54 Smarty then here’s some really amazing news for you. Yes, you can now root Micromax A54 Smarty using Bin4ry Root tool. Micromax A54 Smarty is a budget phone that has been created with beautiful looks and superb features. It is true that it is not the smartest phone. A […]

Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2

micromax A110

If you agree with all the above benefits of rooting then perhaps you would want to root Micromax A110 Canvas 2 phone. If you wish to root it kindly follow the procedure given ahead. Just go through the disclaimer […]

ClockworkMod Recovery for Micromax A50 Superfone Ninja

micromax a50

Just a few days back Developer Varun Chitre from XDA forum had built ClockworkMod Recovery for Micromax A50 Ninja. ClockworkMod Recovery helps in flashing ROMs. Not only this once you have CWM on your Android, you are actually making it highly potent to perform many other things.[…]

Install Google Now on Micromax Funbook

micromax funbook

How to Install Google Now on Funbook P300 from Micromax. Micromax Funbook P300 is a 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is one of the most affordable tablets as available in today’s times. This fun and educational tablet is priced at around Rs 6500-7000 in India. Other features of Micromax Funbook tablet include 1.22 GHz processor,[…]

When will Micromax Funbook Tablet get Jelly Bean?

micromax funbook

Is Jelly Bean Update Due for Micromax Funbook P300?Micromax Funbook P300 is a 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is one of the most affordable tablets as available in today’s times. This fun and educational tablet is priced at around Rs 6500-7000 in India. […]

Cyanbook v0.3 ROM for Micromax Funbook P300

micromax funbook

Install CM9 themed Custom ROM on Micromax Funbook Micromax Funbook aka P300 is truly one of the most affordable Android tablets as available in the market these days. Since its launch this tablet has created hot buzz everywhere. These days we are also able to see the advertisement on television. Over-all the product is quite […]

Tutorial to Root Micromax A50 Ninja Aisha

micromax a50

Micromax A50 Ninja Aisha Phone Rooted!Just some time back we saw a quiet launch of Micromax A50 Ninja Aisha Phone. Even though Micromax has not yet collected the deserved hype and buzz, it is for sure that this handset is something different.[…]

Root Micromax A73 Dual SIM with Unlock Root Method

micromax A110

Root Micromax A73.Micromax A73 Dual SIM Superfone Buzz has lots of amazing features. The looks that the phone has are something one would die for. Here are the leading specifications of the handset that would make the picture clear […]

How to root Micromax A55 with Z4Root Method

Micromax A55 runs on Android 2.2.1 Froyo and thus for that Z4 Root method will be apt. It is important to note that most Android handsets running on Android 2.2.1 Froyo can use Z4 root method. Now, the question is what would tempt you to root this device? Well, of course, with rooting you will […]

Remove useless default apps from Micromax A75, A70 & A85 Android Phones

One of my friends bought Micromax A75 and came to a conclusion that some of the apps as loaded in the Superfone are quite irritating. He wanted to remove those apps and load few new but could not find any apt tutorial on the web. So, to help him as well as other Micromax A75, […]

First custom ROM for Micromax A75 – Good News for A75 owners

Android development community has always appreciated Ninad Chaudhari’s efforts and whenever he comes with some development, it is truly a rocking one. A few days back he came up with the very first ROM for Micromax A75 and he posted the details on XDA forum. You can check out the information given below to get […]

How to root Micromax A85 on Gingerbread in simple steps

Micromax A85 is a new device and it has come into the market around November 2011. As soon as this Superfone came in, it surely created a stir in the android market as well as among the developers. A85 when launched, seemed to be a tempting deal because it is the first dual core phone. […]

How to root Micromax A60 – working method.

Rooting android phones is a super hit thing because it provides complete access to the privilege functions as well. Rooting provides the higher levels of permissions and administrative rights and this will make the android more functional. However, there was a time when people thought that such hi-tech procedures are mainly meant for app developers […]

How to root Micromax A70 and install ClockworkMod Recovery

How to Root Micromax A70 and Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery 4 with Rom Manager Rooting comes with several pros and several cons. While you decide to root an android you must weigh the risk benefit ratio and based on that you must move ahead. For app developers and android developers this is a passion. I […]