How to root Acer Liquid Express E320 with One Click Root

Acer Liquid Express E320 is a popular Android phone that showed up first around October-November 2011. Since launch, Android developers had been searching for rooting methods that would root Acer Liquid Express E320 so that complete control over the operating system can be achieved. As per XDA discussion forum, a few developers who had tried […]

How to root Acer Liquid Metal with easy Z4Root method

Easy Z4 Root Method for Acer Liquid Metal Android Phone Acer Liquid Metal is considered as a sturdy Smartphone and it was released some eight years back. It made a mark in the android phone market with the sharp multi-touchscreen and a fast and reliable processor. Also, it had the decent price tag that did […]

Root any Android phone with one click Unlock tool

Rooting any Android phones with simple Unlock Root method Since rooting an android handset is quite tough and tedious, some people who really feel the urge to do so, do not move ahead with that. But now, rooting has been made quite easy and thus even someone who is not quite aware of the tricks […]