What’s the Probability of Droid RAZR HD to get Jelly Bean

Motorola’s Plans for Droid RAZR HD

Motorola Droid Razr HD Specifications

There had been lots of hype about Droid RAZR HD release dates. We heard a lot about all the minute details of specs, pictures leak and such other things 15 days back. But since 2 weeks there’s a mum in this field. No one is speaking a word about it. So, we just thought to pick up the point as to why Droid RAZR HD is silent for such a long time. Does this mean Droid RAZR HD is facing some changes in specs?

Just like we witnessed news that Galaxy S3 may get RAM update (http://www.androidust.com/galaxy-s3-gets-ram-update-courtesy-jelly-bean-4-1/)

Could it be that after getting hint of Jelly Bean release even Motorola started making some changes in the specifications via RAM or some other things? Jelly Bean is not as revolutionary as Ice Cream Sandwich. But the question is if Motorola releases Droid RAZR HD with ICS then too it could have a provision for a quick Jelly Bean update.

But the only thing Motorola will have to keep in mind is Droid RAZR HD Jelly Bean update should be compatible for the handset. For this compatibility, there should be some physical attributes that Droid RAZR HD should portray. However, there’s no official statement on this from Motorola. Xoom tablet will get Jelly Bean in mid-July. This makes it very clear that there are chances that other Motorola devices like Droid RAZR HD will get Jelly Bean.

Also, we could anticipate or speculate this mainly because Motorola Droid Fighter or Droid RAZR HD is considered as a biggest threat or competitor for Galaxy S3. Now when Galaxy S3 is moving one step forward for getting Jelly Bean update in future, even this futuristic device Droid RAZR HD might be making some preparations for Jelly Bean. The last news we heard of Droid RAZr HD was this: http://www.androidust.com/first-pictures-for-droid-razr-hd-leaked-online/

What do you think of Jelly Bean on Droid RAZR HD? Do share your views with us. We only have these details as expectations and speculations. From the foot steps Motorola is following we could judge this. May be you guys are better judge than us. In that case you kindly share your responses right here. We would love to get your feedback on this.

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