UCLE2 Build for AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727

Install UCLE2 ICS Update on AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Ice Cream Sandwich update AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

 Samsung devices stand ahead in the field of ROMs and Firmware updates. Even Firmware leaks are quite common in this area. The one we are now going to talk about is the latest build for Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. We are talking about UCLE2 ICS Update for AT&T Galaxy S2.

This new build was released by tech guys at BriefMobile. We are thankful to them for bringing out such an amazing build for S2 Skyrocket. This latest update is based on Android 4.0.4 and thus one can expect the best level of stability and performance.

 Since this update is new, there might be certain things that won’t work.  Thus we recommend you to go through the disclaimer first and then move ahead with installing UCLE2 on S2 Skyrocket.

 Disclaimer: The information as given ahead should be followed carefully. This is because the build is not entirely bug free and thus some dangers are associated. This update can flash bootloader which can be specifically risky. The procedure as given is compatible only with AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket i727 and no other Android Smartphone. Also, you should take up the procedure at your own risk. Androidust.com shall not be responsible for any mishap that may occur with your phone. We expect you to have enough technical knowledge in order to update AT&T Galaxy Skyrocket with this new build.

Procedure to UCLE2 ICS Firmware on AT&T Galaxy S2

1 Take complete back up of your phone including contacts, SMS, APN settings and apps. This is because the procedure wipes the data and thus taking a backup will help you out.

2 Skyrocket Drivers are needed for the procedure. So, download and install drivers for the phone on your PC. Here’s the Download Link.

3 Download the new firmware from BriefMobile website here.

Filename: I727UCLE2_OneClick-5FCC9DECF4915ED1C0CD7F42799C3783.exe

4 After you download the build, you are required to double-click on the file you downloaded in the 3rd step. This will run Odin, which will be useful in flashing the firmware on your AT&T Skyrocket.

5 You must now boot into the download mode on the Android device. For this, you will have to switch off the phone first. After that you must connect USB cable to the PC. Mind well, you are not yet connecting the USB cable to the phone.  Now hold volume up and volume down buttons together on the phone and now you can plug the USB cable to the phone. But remember, you should still hold the buttons unless and until you get into the download mode screen.

6 When the connection is installed between the computer and the phone, the ODIN screen will give the message as ADDED.

7 Click on Start. This will start the flashing procedure.

8 Phone will reboot only after the flashing process gets completed.

9 You will get a message on ODIN and this message will say PASS. There will be a green background also. This completes the process successfully and you can disconnect the phone. Enjoy the new build now!

Do let us know how your experience with this new build was. If you face any problems while installing UCLE2 ICS Firmware on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH i727, do let us know.


Source: XDA


  1. hey i just finished intalling the ics update, everyting went fine, except i forgot to backup my data :/, but thats not the problem. The problem is now my mobile network has stoped working, im still connected to the network, but m internet access, 4g, al gone, can anyone tell me whats up?

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