Sony Rolls ICS for Xperia Active, Announces ICS for Xperia P and Rethinks on Xperia Play

Will Xperia P and Xperia Play get ICS after Xperia Active?

Well, just a small statement and covers so much of news, speculation and hopes. Well, that’s what news for! So, let’s move with the flow of Xperia news.

The very first and the important news is, Sony as already started rolling an ICS update for Xperia Active. We know this was one of the most awaited moments. Some devices have already received ICS update on Xperia Active whereas some are still waiting. Hang on! You will get the update soon. The update is being rolled in batches and so some Xperia Active device should still maintain some levels of patience.

Mind well. In this update the most important thing that one should consider is the SI numbers. This is what the company recites on its official blog in regards to ICS for Xperia Active.” The Ice Cream Sandwich software update for 2011 Xperia Smartphone’s is now being rolled out. The update is released in batches, and below you will find links to each phones list of all the currently released ICS software’s. Since there are minor differences in the software depending on product, country and operator we have a unique identifier that we call Sales Item (SI). If you find your SI in the released software table the software for your device is released and available in PC Companion and Bridge for Mac where you can update your Xperia Smartphone.”

Now let us move on to the next news on the same topic. Yes, Sony has announced ICS update for Xperia P as well. Xperia P is a tablet and this is what Sony has to say, “This update combines the features of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) with unique new features and apps from Sony. Upgrade your Sony Tablet to experience a streamlined user interface with drag-and-drop folder creation, improved multi-tasking and browser. New Sony features include direct access to SD card, Small Apps” and enhanced photo viewing options.” So, Xperia P owners, just wait and watch for the ICS update for Xperia P tablet.

Now, let us talk about something speculative. Will Xperia Play get an ICS update? Well, as we all know that Xperia Play was not supposed to get an ICS update and that’s what Sony guys had announced. But now, there seems to be some change in the strategy. Sony has updated the low end devices also unlike other mobile makers who have only concentrated on ICS update for high end devices. This seems to be a strategically smart decision of Sony. That’s the reason why even the mid range devices like Xperia Active, Xperia Mini Pro and a lot more have already received an update.

Also, a few days back there was a report that the PTCRB has recently certified an Ice Cream Sandwich firmware for the Sony Xperia Play. Now, this could surely build some hopes for Xperia Play users that Xperia Play will get an ICS update. May be, there’s something going on behind the scene. What could it be? Further testing, more testing, testing to the extent that Xperia Play should get ICS update soon? Well, all that’s speculation, but Sony guys are really secretive about the plans and can generate an ICS update for Xperia Play at an end moment.

So, what we mean is, just stay tuned on this to get more details and news in this regards. Also, let us know your views via comments right here.

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