SBeam for Sharing Content on Another Galaxy S3

Tutorial to Use SBeam on Galaxy S3

Today there is a rage of Samsung Galaxy S3 everywhere and thus we thought to be part of the bandwagon as well. When this Smartphone was released, it came up with yet another technologically superb facility called as SBeam. We are sure that there are many people who are quite new to the S3 exposure and thus for them using SBeam on Galaxy S3 might be a bit tough. Keeping this in mind, we have created this easy tutorial for using SBeam on S3. In simple words, SBeam is the facility wherein the transfer if files between two phones is pretty simple. It is important to note that currently this facility is available only for S3 and thus you can share content from one Galaxy S3 to another. You just need to keep the two phones back to back.

SBeam is somewhat similar to Android Beam that was seen on Galaxy Nexus in the year 2011. However, SBeam is one step ahead and you can see an immediate connection between the two concerned handsets. This is possible mainly due to NFC and Wi-Fi Direct. Samsung believes that this is the fastest and simplest means to share content with buddies.

To use SBeam on Galaxy S3 you will have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Galaxy S3 Home Screen and from there, select Applications.
  2. On Applications screen, select Settings.
  3. Now go to More Settings.
  4. Selecet SBeam and turn it on.
  5. Put the phones back to back (both should be Galaxy S3).
  6. Let these two phones pair and only a few seconds are needed for that.
  7. Tap the file you want to share.
  8. Accept the transfer on the receiving phone.
  9. As soon as the transfer is done you can use it on the receiving phone.

It is anticipated that soon SBeam facility will be open to other content receiving handsets as well. However, as of now, this is the facility that makes Samsung Galaxy S3 distinct and unique. There was a time when sharing content was tough and one would need complicated set ups and all. But with Samsung Galaxy S3, these problems are discarded. With SBeam Galaxy S3 content sharing becomes just a button away.

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