ROOTING Xperia Mini Pro SK17i on ICS 4.0.4 FW 4.1.B.0.431

Procedure to Root Xperia Mini Pro on ICS

Rooting procedure makes your Android phone free. Perhaps this is the main reason why people who do not like compromises, prefer rooting their Android Smart Phones. Lot many ways get opened when the device is rooted. Right from removing useless apps to porting the features of other Android is possible when the device is rooted. But it is also important to note that some risks are always packed along with the bunch of benefits.

If you want to free your Android then this much risk you have to take. The risk includes losing the warranty and/or loss of data or some amount of device damage. However, these days’ the developers already put in lots of efforts in testing the results and thus chances of device damage are rare. But still one should be careful and cautious.

In this article we shall discuss procedure to root Xperia Mini Pro on ICS fw 4.1.B.0.431.If you own a device with the mentioned Android update then this article will surely be quite helpful to you. Kindly go through the disclaimer first.

Disclaimer: Rooting Xperia Mini Pro SK17i on ICS can be a bit risky. You should move ahead at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your handset.

Kindly note that this tutorial will be helpful for only those who have SK17i device with ICS 4.0.4 FW 4.1.B.0.431.

Also, we expect that you already have ADB drivers installed.

Procedure to Root Xperia Mini Pro on ICS (as per developer Patembe)

  1. The very first step you must follow is for enabling USB debugging. This can be done this way: On your device: Go to Menu>Settings>Developer options>Development.
  2. Now, you are required to enable unknown sources and it can be done this way: Menu>Settings>Security.
  3. Choose Mass Storage also.
  4. Now, you need to flash the kernel from 4.0.3 firmware. Since Mini Pro does not get 4.0.3 update, Neo V kernel can be used.
  5. Download Neo V FTF File from here:
  6. Use the flashtool and just flash the kernel. (For flashtool you can use this link:
  7. After flashing of kernel is over you must close the flashtool.
  8. You may see problems in booting of kernel like blank screen or so. This is normal. Do not worry.
  9. Turn on the phone and connect the phone to PC.
  10. Read this link carefully and root the phone: (it is Doomlord method)
  11. Flash back the stock 4.0.4, you can download the FTF file here (SK17i).
  12. This will root your phone on ICS and you will be able to see SU app.

We are quite thankful to Junior Member Patembe at XDA who has made the Sony tutorial quite simple. The step by step procedure as given should be followed carefully to get successful rooting solution. Once your device is rooted you have many options open.



  1. scopeeye says:


    great tutorial BUT the 11 does not work, since the link is dead! Please reup the needed image, cause otherwise my device will remain unuseable!

  2. Zwintje says:

    I have followd the procedure, and the device is flashed, but now it does not boot anymore.
    When i connect it to my pc, the pc sees my sk17i as a sony neo v11.
    I could do a repair with sony pc compagnion, but it sees the phone also as a neo v11.
    Think that do a repair will make it worse.

    Any advise plz..


  3. Zwintje says:

    Ok, I got the phone back alive :-)

    How: started flashtool ( as administrator )
    Took out the battery, put it back in while holding the volume down button.
    Connected the usb cable, and flashed orignal firmware back in.
    Had to keep the volume down button in all the time during this proces.
    Glad to see the phone is working again, but still not rooted.

    Greetings Edwin

  4. I rooted my xperia mini pro sk17i ICS by flashing kernel neo v 4.0.3 and then rooting using DoomloRD method then flashing kernel back to xperia mini pro ICS 4.0.4 as mention at xda forum [] .,,,,but i get into serious problem with my device that….battery level behaves randomly drastically coming to very low levels and gets auto shutdown …it is happening randomly….sometimes auto shutdown happens in 15-20min….sometimes ,,after 30min…..pls help …my phone is still in warranty period…dont knw whether now i am getting my warranty due to above procedures or not….so pls help me to fix this ASAP…thanks in advance!!

    I searched on internet…found some battery calibration app…stating that after flashing ROM battery needs to be calibrated…so installed it …but i observed strange thing again….it is said to tap on calibrate when charge shows 100% but due to the fact that battery levels changes strangely…battery status 100% is never reaching…and behavior is so weired.that in charging condition..that i see it 77% now…after 5min see it 82%…then after 10min see it 66%….then…57% after 5min….then 60% after 3min,,,,,and 1% after 10min….and these all happen in charging status…and if it wasn’t into charging…my device would have gone auto shutdown after 1% level……so how would i even try with battery calibration app :( :( …..pls help me soon plss

    pls help….my device is not able to be ON for more than a hour or even less and even auto shutdown in charging mode also due to above issues…!!!

    • pls see my battery behavior screenshot attached…it was all when device was in charging…sometimes it shows charging…sometime discharging…sometimes battery level up..then down…all in charging……if u see times on these screenshot…u’ll knw the issue more better….pls help me…



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