Root Sony Xperia Sola on ICS

Procedure to Root Xperia Sola on Android 4.0.4 ICS

Around 10 days back Sony Xperia Sola received an ICS update. We hope that you have updated your Sony Xperia Sola with ICS. However, there might be some people who might not have rooted the phone yet. Rooting is a procedure that has some positives and some negatives. However, in most of the cases positives outsmart the negatives. The only risk involved with rooting an Android is loss of warranty of the handset and the phone getting bricked. If you are ready for this small risk then you should root your phone. This is because rooting Sony Xperia Sola will help you make create customized solutions for your gadget. Rooting used to be difficult task a year ago. But now things have changed and you can easily root as well as unroot your Android.

Kindly read the disclaimer and after that move to the procedure to root Xperia Sola on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Disclaimer: Rooting Sony Xperia Sola on ICS can be a bit risky. There is a risk of data loss, phone bricking and warranty of the phone getting void. If you wish to root Xperia Sola then you can do so at your risk.

Procedure to Root Sony Xperia Sola on ICS

  1. First thing you must do is take complete back up of your phone. This will help you in case of any mistake or mishap.
  2. Charge Xperia Sola to the extent of 80-90 percent. It would be better if you charge your phone fully.
  3. You will need a PC with USB drivers installed.
  4. It is important to note that this method will work on unlocked Xperia Sola.
  5. You must now download Bin4ry root Tool: Download
  6. Install connection between Xperia Sola and PC with the USB cable.
  7. It is important to check that USB debugging on Xperia Sola should be on.
  8. The file that you downloaded previously (Root Tool) should be run. To run this batch file tap ‘RunMe.bat‘.
  9. Once you do that you will see some instructions on the screen. Follow the instructions as given on the screen.
  10. This will help you root your Xperia Sola.
  11. Enjoy!

We hope that you liked the tutorial and found it quite useful. Do let us know your feedback. Also, if you have any doubts and queries you can comment here and let us know. We shall try our best to solve your doubts as soon as possible.


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