Root Sony Xperia Play on Ice Cream Sandwich [ICS Android 4.0]

Root Xperia Play on Ice Cream SandwichSince you have landed here, we are sure you have Xperia Play Android Smartphone with ICS 4.0. Well, that is indeed a very good thing. Now, are you planning to root your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on ICS? If yes, then we are here to present a simple and brief tutorial in this regards. But again, it is important to note that rooting an Android device makes the phone warranty void. Only if you are OK with this, we recommend you to proceed further.

But before that let me make one point clear and that is, what can we do after rooting? Well, of course, rooting has its own benefits and post rooting Xperia Play on ICS you will be able to run certain specific applications or remove certain bloatware which would not have been possible if you had not rooted the device. By rooting your Android, you are actually customizing the phone and you will also be able to get a rocking ROM of your choice. However, as far as installation of custom ROM for Xperia Play is concerned Cyanogen Mod Rc1 7.2 is available. But it is has some bugs. We do not recommend the Beta update because it lacks Wi-Fi. So, there is not much choice as of now but to wait for the official Ice Cream Sandwich Update from Sony which is due shortly.

Now, let us proceed further towards the guide to root your Xperia Play on ICS, but before that please go through the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The instructions as mentioned here have been produced with care. But if while rooting the phone anything goes wrong with your Smart Phone, Androidust will not be responsible for that. There is always some risk of damage or data loss while rooting the phone. Hence, you should take a thorough back up first. Also, we would like to repeat that, rooting the device makes its warranty void.

Procedure to root Xperia Play on Ice Cream Sandwich

Keep in mind that the tutorial given below is only for devices that have the version installed on your 4.1.A.0.562 Xperia Play:

  • You must enable USB debugging and this can be done this way: On your device go to Menu/Settings/Developer Options/Development and enable USB debugging.
  • You must also enable Unknown Sources and this can be done in this manner: On your device go to Menu/Settings/Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Keep your Android phone charged to the extent of 70 percent. So that it doesn’t drain out in between the process.
  • Increase the screen time out to 10 minutes so that there is no hurdle in the middle of the process.
  • While following this tutorial we expect that you already have ADB drivers installed. We also expect that you have Windows on your PC.
  • Take the USB data cable and use it to connect the phone and the PC.
  • You must skip PC Companion Software prompt on the device.
  • Now, download the 2011 ICS Xperia root toolkit from the link as given below at the end of this post. (It is important to note that this toolkit will root your device with android emulator trick, install Busybox 1.18.4, install ICS specific SU files and also check some free space.)
  • Extract the contents on your computer.
  • Start the software that you had downloaded on the computer by clicking the ‘runme.bat’.
  • Read all the on-screen instructions properly. You don’t have to do anything.
  • Have patience as your device with reboot for around 2-3 times.
  • Soon, you will get the message as All Done when the script is over. When you come across this message you must understand that the procedure is completed.

Download root toolkit here.

Hope you like this and will try it on your Play. Do let us know your comments after doing the same.

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