Omega Team (Indie) Develops First Custom ROM for Galaxy S3

Download First Custom ROM for Galaxy S3 via Omega

Just a few days back we saw how Chainfire rooted Galaxy S3 remotely in this post:, we saw the first official ROM leak for S3: The news created a stimulating environment for the would-be Galaxy S3 owners. However, some guys have received this mega gadget in their hands. Now, it’s time for one more news that will surely bring smiles on face of Samsung Galaxy S3 lovers.

Omega Developers’ reputed developer Indie has developed first custom ROM for Galaxy S3. This is really the news that may create a history. The reason is, you don’t get a chance to witness the first custom ROMs for such hyped phones. Galaxy S3 is definitely one such super-hyped phone that has created buzz around the globe. Now when there is first custom ROM release for Samsung Galaxy S3, it should create a stir among the lovers.

Indie has already out this ROM for download in XDA forum and you can send him private messages as to the guide to download and install the ROM. He would guide you in this matter. Downloading and installing Omega’s first custom ROM for Galaxy S3 would surely be a very good learning experience. If you are the one with good technical knowledge and if you love playing around with kernels, themes and firmwares then perhaps you should give this download a try.

It is important to note that Galaxy S3 first custom ROM has Chainfire’s pre-rooted kernel. It is zip-aligned as well as deodexed. If you are an ardent tester or want to become one then perhaps you would love going through the official thread for Galaxy S3 Custom ROM. The link for official thread is given at the end of the post.

If you have doubts in regards to stability and performance then you must get some idea about Omega as well as Indie’s previous projects. Even while creating ROM for Galaxy S2, he added lots of potential to the ROM. It is a known fact that Omega’s projects are quite far sighted and they have a perfect eye on performance and stability. Keeping this in mind, it seems that the risk as associated with downloading and installing the ROM would be minimal. But still, you should always keep in mind that downloading and installing custom firmware is always a bit risky. Thus you have to do this at your own risk.

If after reading the post, you have installed the firmware then kindly do revert back and let us know about your experiences. Also share with us that whether you would prefer the Galaxy S3 as it is or you would prefer the official leak or you would go for this first ever custom ROM for Galaxy S3. We love getting your views and responses. Also, if you have any questions in relation to this post please comment right here. We shall answer you quickly.

Link to official thread of XDA Omega Project:


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