Install Google Now on Samsung Galaxy Pocket with ICS

Google Now for Galaxy Pocket with ICS

In March we had speculation that Samsung Galaxy Pocket will get an ICS update. This is something really good for the Samsung’s low end Android handset. In fact, the Android platform itself is quite revolutionary by all means. There are so many updates, changes as well as inventions every other day. Recently we have been hearing loads of news based on Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean ROMs and Jelly Bean apps. Now every developer is trying to port these Jelly Bean apps on various Android handsets with ICS. This is really something good and thus even the Android phones with ICS can get the Jelly Bean taste.

If you own the affordable Samsung Galaxy Pocket then you can get ICS anytime soon and then you have an amazing opportunity to have Jelly Bean’s latest Google Now app on Galaxy Pocket. The only attitude we would need is the risk taking attitude, right technological knowledge and enough confidence. Without these three qualities, there won’t be a productive outcome.

Just to refresh your memories on Google Now, you must read this on. Google Now is really one of the most talked about Jelly Bean Android 4.1 features of today. It is a service that allows the Android phones to get the instant information that may be required. You can compare it to Siri to some extent as it provides the info with precognition.

Google Now was meant to be only for Jelly Bean Android platform. And Jelly Bean is far for a few phones. But do not worry. This is not the case anymore. Thanks to the Android developers team that the phones that do not run jelly Bean shall also enjoy the benefit of Google Now. We would like to give the credit of this development to Developer febycv of the XDA-Developers community. With the tutorial that the developer has mentioned on XDA for porting Google Now on Android with ICS, we are mentioning the step by step method to port Google Now on Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We hope that the tutorial will be helpful. But kindly go through the disclaimer first.

Disclaimer: Flashing Google Now app on Galaxy Pocket is a bit risky. This is because it requires you to have a rooted phone with ICS. Rooting the Android phone always carries some risks. But still, you can move ahead with your risk after weighing the risk benefit ratio. We expect you to have basic Android technology knowledge to go ahead with this.

 Port Google Now on Samsung Galaxy Pocket

  1. The very first thing you will need is a rooted Galaxy Pocket with ICS.
  2. Now,  Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system.
  3. After that you must open build.prop in Text Editor.
  4. Edit = 16 & save.
  5. Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1.
  6. Now reboot & install the app from the download link. (Mirror here).
  7. Edit build.prop & change = 15 & reboot.
  8. Enjoy.

We hope that you will install Google Now on Galaxy Pocket as soon as you get ICS. At least what we can request the developers is to create AOSP ICS for Galaxy Pocket. So that users can get Google Now.


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