Install ATOM ROM on Galaxy Nexus 1515

ATOM ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus SCH1515


Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus 1515 is meant specifically to flash good and interesting custom ROMs. This is because it is a flexible Android phone and you would love customizing it. The latest ROM that we are talking about is a reputed XDA member PrimeDirective’s ROM.He created custom ROM for Galaxy Nexus 1515. It is also called as ATOM ROM for Galaxy Nexus 1515. 

If you wish to know about the features of ATOM ROM then just read on:

Features of ATOM ROM for Galaxy Nexus 1515

Android 4.2

Custom UI

Good speed

Customized speed for launcher2

Beats 5.1 drivers

If you are impressed with the features you can go ahead to flash this new ROM.But it is important to note that it is still in the test phase and thus there would be some bugs. Be very careful when you install ATOM ROM on Nexus 1515. Only if you are confident enough you should take required action. Kindly read the disclaimer given:

Disclaimer: Installing custom ROMs on Android phones and tablets can be a bit risky as in there is always a risk of phone bricking, loss of warranty of the phone and data loss. Thus, it is vital that you take this action at your risk. We shall not be responsible for anything if things go wrong with your phone.

Points to Remember: 

  1. This tutorial given is meant for Verizon Galaxy Nexus SCH1515. Do not flash ATOM ROM on any other phone.
  2. This is a test ROM and thus you should be a tech-geek and have enough knowledge when you install it. We have not tested this ROM till now. We are providing you this info mainly for educational purposes.
  3. Keep the phone charged to the extent of 80 percent.
  4. Read all the instructions properly and thoroughly before you take action.
  5. Take complete back up of your phone so that in case if there is data loss, you can retrieve the data from the back up.
  6. Now, the very important point is, we expect that you have Verizon Galaxy Nexus SCH1515 with unlocked bootloader and CWM Recovery installed.

How to install ATOM ROM on Verizon Galaxy Nexus SCH1515

  1. The first thing you should do is download the ROM from this link: ATOM ROM  (, 205 MB).
  2. COPY this zip file in the phone’s internal SD card.
  3. Turn off the phone now.
  4. Boot into Recovery Mode.
  5. Create a NANDroid backup.
  6. Select Wipe Data
  7. Select Install ZIP from SD Card. After that tap on Choose ZIP from SD Card and then you must locate and select ATOM ROM zip file.
  8. Select Go Back
  9. Reboot the phone

You have now successfully installed ATOM ROM on Verizon Galaxy Nexus. We hope you found this tutorial useful. Do let us know your feedback on this. Also, if you have any doubts then you can contact us here on the comment section. We shall solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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