ICS Alpha 3 CM9 ROM on Droid X2: Handle with Care

CM9 Alpha Build with ICS for Motorola Droid X2

droid x2There’s good news for Droid X2 owners who were quite disappointed with Motorola’s confirmation that an Ice Cream Sandwich update won’t be released for them. So, what’s the news? Well, one of the leading developers at XDA, dragonzkiller, came up with an amazing ICS build for Motorola Droid X2 Android. An ICS Alpha 3 CM9 ROM on Droid X2 is truly a potent contribution. But mind well, this is an extremely Alpha ROM and that’s why in the title itself we have mentioned a warning that, handle with care.

The best part about this new ROM is that even without an official Motorola ICS kernel, this build could be made and developed. It has grown perfectly since the 1st Alpha stage and has come up to the 3rd stage where it is available for download. But the only thing is, there are some things that are not working. Also, this being an Alpha stage, there is a risk to use this ROM.

But we all know, true Android Explorers are never afraid of anything and they would want to test such experimental and intelligent ROMs desperately. But it is better to wait for a while till this ROM becomes completely functional.

 Features of ICS CM9 ROM for Droid X2

This is still in the super alpha stage and thus the developer does not prefer creating the exact features list. But he has surely suggested the things that are working right now and these include:

  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Data/3G (some issues still there)
  • HQ and LQ Youtube (some issues present)
  • And a lot of little things
The development has been tremendous since the first alpha stage to this third alpha stage. Here are the details:

Alpha 1: First boot into ICS/CM9

Alpha 2: Better features and stability, graphic capabilities and addition of picture feature to MMS apk notification.

Alpha 3: This is the first public release and some stability updates have been added along with CM9 features.

There are many issues that the developer is still working on. These bugs include camera, problems in graphic memory, issues with rotating an app, problems in system server, issues with data usage, chrome beta bug, and many more. We hope that these problems are sorted out soon so that users and testers can get a risk free ROM to try on their Droid X2 handsets.

The developer has also given information in regards to installation of CM9 Alpha 3 ICS ROM for Droid X2. But please read the disclaimer before you take up the procedure for testing.

Disclaimer: If you want to install CM9 Alpha 3 ICS Build on Droid X2 then it is important to note that you should move ahead at your own risk. If while downloading this ROM or installing it, anything goes wrong with your Droid X2 then Androidust shall not be responsible for the same. We have already warned you that this is a super alpha ROM and thus testing the same at this stage would be risky for your handset.

 Procedure to Install CM9 on Droid X2

Note: This installation is not for CM7 or BLUR. We expect that you have enough technical knowledge if you wish to test this ROM.

  1. Read the post correctly, carefully and completely.
  2. Download the links provided below
  3. After that, you can install the BSR (patched if on CM7)
  4. Reboot into the BSR
  6. Install the CM9 zip from the SD Card
  7. Install the GAPPS from the SD Card
  8. Wipe both DATA and CACHE
  9. Now, reboot your phone
  10. CM9 installed.


REQUIRED Google Apps (GAPPS): http://goo-inside.me/google-apps. Download the latest version of them for here and check the MD5 sums from there also.

CyanogenMod 9.0.0 RC0 Daytona Alpha 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?77iy4f7rlr0036m
MD5 sum: ce776352f481c8be67296ac3e09abe77

Source: XDA, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1661572




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