HTC Sensation gets Jelly Bean CM10

Jelly Bean AOSP ROM for HTC Sensation CM10 Build

Bassini, one of the senior members at XDA came up with a beautiful Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Sensation. This ROM is available only for test and thus you can say that still it is in the beta stage. It is apt for testers and Android enthusiasts who have enough technical knowledge. This ROM is named as BassROM Jelly Bean edition. This Jelly Bean ROM for HTC sensation is based on CM10 build.

In this article we will discuss the details of this ROM. But we would appreciate that you must avoid the risk of trying it on your handset if you are newbie. Kindly read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: All the information given in the article is well researched from XDA and it would be apt if you avoid using it now since it is in the test stage. If at all you wish to try it, you can do it at your risk. We have provided this mainly for educational purpose.

The following are the things that work for Jelly Bean CM10 Build ROM for Sensation:
Core System
Hardware Acceleration
USB Storage
Bravia and xLOUD
Vibration Motor
Button and Notification lights
capacitive lights

Still, Radio, Wifi, audio, Google Now, light sensors and camera does not work on this properly. There may be many other bugs as well. These issues are being sorted out.Developer Sahil Lombar had created a base ROM called as Androlus ROM. This is basically the base ROM and based on this, Bassini came up with this particular ROM we are talking about. Thus in a way, Androlus ROM is the first AOSP Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Sensation. This is the second ROM.

We will definitely share the official link of the threads involved with AOSP Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Sensation with you at the end of the post. But before that we would like to make it clear that these ROMs are quite new but still, one can expect smoother interface, better performance and many such amazing features on HTC Sensation. Better keyboard, voice recognition, offline voice typing etc. are some of the great feature additions you can expect.

We would still request you that it would be better if you avoid installing these ROMs at such an early stage. But if you are a vivid tester and want to get first in the race then here’s the procedure to install Jelly Bean on HTC Sensation:

Install CM10 Jelly Bean on HTC Sensation

  1. Take complete back up first.
  2. See that HTC Sensation has S-off and bootloader is unlocked.
  3. Download the ROM you wish to try. Link given at the end.
  4. Download G apps
  5. Copy ROM file and G apps file to SD card.
  6. Turn off the handset and get into CWM.
  7. Nandroid Back up needed.
  8. Factory reset.
  9. Select Install Zip from SD card>Choose Zip from SD card> Make selection.
  10. You will get message install zip. Select yes and this will lead to installing the file.
  11. Once ROM gets installed select Choose Zip from SD card again.
  12. Install G apps
  13. Go back to Reboot system now.
  14. The first boot will take some 5 minutes. Have patience.
  15. This installs CM10 on HTC Sensation.


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