Galaxy S3 Launcher Ported on Galaxy S i9000

Galaxy S i9000 gets Galaxy S3 Touchwiz

Galaxy S3 is too much in buzz these days and people are creating ROMs for Galaxy S3 or rooting the handset remotely or porting Galaxy S3 ROMs on other handsets. But these things are like treat for all those who were desperately waiting for such things to happen. Android development field is vast and there are so many revolutionary developments and alterations taking place everyday. It is truly awesome to keep in touch with these things. Well, coming to the topic, Galaxy S3 has rocking TouchWiz Launcher and many other handsets are now craving for this.

So, to satisfy this craving here we present a tutorial where Galaxy S3 Launcher can be ported to Galaxy S i9000. This article is with reference to the details as provided by XDA Forum Member Froilson in the official XDA thread which has been given at the end of the post.

Kindly read the tutorial to install the Galaxy S3 launcher on your Galaxy S, on custom ICS 4.0 ROMs. But kindly read the note and disclaimer as given below.

NOTE: Even though S3 Launcher may work on many ROMs, it may not work on some ROMs. This is something you must keep in mind. Also, it is vital to note that this Launcher is not for Gingerbread based ROMs.

Make sure that the phone has ICS 1.0 ROM.

Disclaimer: You must move ahead with the procedure if you have enough technical knowledge. Also, there may be some risk involved and thus you must be quite careful while following the steps as given in the tutorial. You should install Launcher for Galaxy S3 on Galaxy S at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for anything wrong that happens with your phone.

Tutorial to Install Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Launcher on Galaxy S

Download the latest TouchWiz launcher package from the link given at the end of the post.  It will be a compressed .zip file.

Copy the downloaded .zip file to the internal SD card on the phone. Do not extract it.

Switch off the Android. Boot into CWM recovery. For this: press Volume Up + Home buttons along with power on button. Leave the buttons only when screen shows some display.

Now, since you are in recovery, you must use volume keys for scrolling and power keys for selection.

Select install zip from sdcard, and after that select choose zip from sdcard.

Move to .zip file and locate the file in the SD card and select the same.

You will be asked to confirm the installation. Press Yes.

Now move back and opt for reboot system now. This will reboot your handset.

Now, when the phone boots up, your job is done.

Congrats! You have successfully installed Touchwiz Launcher on Galaxy S i9000. Do let us know as to how you are feeling after this and what’s the experience like. We would love to get your feedbacks.

Official page: official XDA page

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