Enrich your HTC Sensation with Jelly Bean Stuffs

Install Jelly Bean Apps, Boot Animation and Wall Papers on HTC Sensation

Last week HTC showed its excitement and appreciation towards Google’s action of releasing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, HTC did not make any official announcement on when it will roll Jelly Bean on HTC Android handsets.

But as you know that where the mobile makers still work upon taking strategic steps developers take initiative to bring out custom ROMs, apps as well as themes. The same thing happened here as well. Well, it is not a Jelly Bean port for HTC Sensation. It still seems to be under development. What we bring to you is Jelly Bean stuffs for Sensation from the system dump.

Recognized Developer febycv came up with this amazing enhancement. He has developed Jelly Bean apps for ICS, Jelly Bean boot animation as well as Jelly Bean wall papers. We are definitely sharing the download link for these enhancements but at the end of the post.

 Jelly Bean Apps on HTC Sensation with ICS

  •  Google Books
  •  Google Calendar
  •  Google Currents
  •  Email Client
  •  Face Lock
  •  Gallery
  •  Google News
  •  Gmail
  •  Google Ears
  •  Google Earth
  •  Google Magazines
  •  Google Maps
  •  Google Music
  •  Noise Field
  •  Phase Beam
  •  Google Play
  •  Google+
  •  Street View
  •  Talk Back
  •  Video Editor
  •  Videos
  •  Google Wallet

Developer suggests that most of the apps can be installed in normal manner. However, where this is not possible, one should push to /system/app.

We heartily appreciate the efforts of developer. But still, we would like to recommend that before you install Jelly Bean apps on HTC Sensation, or for that matter installing wall papers or boot animation, you must be careful and move ahead only when you have enough technical knowledge and confidence. Take proper back up first before you install the mentioned apps.

Install Jelly Bean Boot Animation on HTC Sensation

For those who are quite ahead technically and technologically, boot animation won’t seem like a rocket science. But for those who are quite new to the Android field would still have confusion over what Boot animation exactly is and how would Jelly Bean boot animation on Sensation make some amount of difference and betterment in the user experience. Bootanimation file contains all the info that will be needed when the device boots and boot animation plays automatically. Now, when we say that one can have an amazing Jelly Bean experience on HTC Sensation via boot animation, it means that the boot animation process is altered by making simple modifications or replacement in the existing file.

The process of flashing Jelly Bean boot animation on HTC Sensation is very simple. You will have to merely download the file from the link (at the end of the post). After that you have to copy the same to /system/media. That’s’ it. But let me again remind you. You must take back up of the old boot animation. This will be helpful to you when you have to restore the old file.

Source Link for downloads: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1738262

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