Enable Smart Stay Feature on Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Smart Stay Feature makes it Superbly Distinct

Galaxy S3 being an expensive yet smartly glamorous devil, we can understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But still having knowledge about the smart features of this smart phone really does not hurt. If you already have this phone or you have ordered this then man we really wish to congratulate you for this superb handset. Even I did not fancy this handset (grapes are sour! My pockets do not allow me to fancy this mind boggling gadget!), before I visited one promotional event as arranged by Samsung. Over there smart features of Galaxy S3 were explained in detail. The Smartphone includes features like S-Voice, SBeam for content sharing(http://www.androidust.com/sbeam-for-sharing-content-on-another-galaxy-s3/) etc. This really made me fall obsessively in love with the gadget. In this article we shall explain you the Smart Stay feature of Galaxy S3 in detail. We shall also provide you the guidelines as to how to enable Smart Stay feature on Galaxy S3.

 What is Smart Stay Feature in Galaxy S3?

Smart stay in Galaxy S3 is the feature where it gets automatically detected that the user is looking at the display. Thus display time out is kept off at that time. This is a distinct and the most useful feature for the users who prefer reading eBooks, files and texts on the phone. And to my surprise, Galaxy S3 automatically turns off the display when you are not looking at it. Isn’t this amazing? You must be thinking that how does the phone understand that you are looking at the display or screen. Well, S3 tracks your eye balls and based on that it keeps the display turned on or turns it off. Thus you don’t need to put in any extra effort to touch the home screen every now and then to keep the display on. All this happens automatically.

I asked the doubt to the Samsung guys that what if, while reading my eyes succumb and I fall asleep. They smiled and said, Galaxy S3 is designed for humans and so when you fall asleep, the phone also sleeps thus saving your battery.

There might be more uses of this S3 Smart Stay feature. But that will be as and when people use it and invent it. But according to me, Smart Stay feature is a nature inspired solution which proves that S3 is a genius in reality. The eye tracking smart stay is something that proves that why Samsung is the king and what makes it distinct than the rest.

Enable Smart Stay Feature on Galaxy S3

The steps given below will help you to set up Smart Stay on S3.

  1. The very first thing you are required to do is go to the home screen of Galaxy S3.
  2. Now you will see applications on the home screen.
  3. Choose applications.
  4. Select settings in applications.
  5. Select display.
  6. Select “Screen timeout”.
  7. Change the timeout to 15 seconds and select the Smart stay check box.
  8. That’s it. The set up is done.

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