Enable Single Click Wi-Fi Tethering on AT&T HTC One X

One Click Wi-Fi Tethering Tool for AT&T One X


We are sure you were in search of some tweak that would help you share the data connection of AT&T One X with the help of Wi-Fi Tethering for free. Well, good news is, it is very much possible now. You don’t have to thank us. We won’t take away all the credits. It is XDA Senior Member Tommy who has worked extremely hard in this regards to get the best results. After lots of efforts this XDA member came up with a one click Wi-Fi tether tool for AT&T one X.

When this Wi-Fi tether tool is used it enables stock Wi-Fi tethering on your phone. Thus you won’t have to buy any special plan in this regards. But the only thing you have to keep in mind this single click Wi-Fi tether enabler tool works only on AT&T One X and on no other Smart Phone. Thus we would like to make a special mention that kindly avoid the temptation to try the same on Rogers HTC One X. So, are you interested in enabling One Click Wi-Fi Tether on AT&T One X? If yes, then first go through the disclaimer as given below:

Disclaimer: It is important to note that we have provided this information for educational purpose. While trying this tether tool you must know at least what you are doing or at least you should have desirable technical knowledge. This method may be risky and may damage your handset. If any such thing happen then we shall not be responsible for that. You can try this procedure at your own risk.

Tether AT&T One X

The very first thing we expect here is the rooted phone. You must root AT&T HTC one X first.

Also you must first check that whether the device drivers are installed on your PC or not. If not, then first install the drivers. You can download drivers from this link: Download Drivers.

Now you need download one click AT&T One X Tether tool from the link as given at the end of the post.

Extract the zip file on any folder in the PC.

Now you must check USB debugging. This can be done in this manner: On your phone go to Settings>Developer Option>Enable USB Debugging.

Connect the phone with the PC using the USB cable.

Open the folder in which you have extracted the tethering tool.

Now, double-click on the tether.bat file.

You will come across some instructions on the screen and you can follow them.

When you do so, you will be able to enable AT&T One X Tether tool.

You are done! This will now enable tethering on your AT&T HTC one X. Enjoy it! We hope you liked the above tutorial. We thank the developer who has come up with such an amazing tool. He deserves hats off for the same. What do you think? Kindly let us know. We would love to receive your feedback on this.

Download link for tether tool: official development page.


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