CM9 Alpha ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

CM9 on Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001

Many handsets are enjoying official ICS and serving the owners with the best features. But many handsets have not yet tasted the treat of ICS. This includes Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001. But, thanks to XDA Developer Senior member arc068 for his excellent efforts of making Alpha CM9 ROM (ICS treat) for Galaxy S Plus owners. This Alpha Build 2 CM9 ROM is still in the developmental stage. But still, due to the video playback features as well as the accelerated User Interface that it has generated, it seems to attract many users. However, being in the alpha stage some bugs are still there and they are being solved.

But, the efforts that the developer has taken in this and the amazing results that are seen are truly worth mentioning. But before we present the information as to features and installation of Cyanogenmod 9 on Samsung Galaxy S Plus, we would like to put some light on what Cyanogenmod actually is. People who are highly tech savvy can ignore this information, but those who are newbie in this area should have an idea about the concept.

CyanogenMod can be defined as an aftermarket tailor made or custom made firmware distribution for the selected or specific Android handsets. CyanogenMod is used in place of firmware or ROM.Thus you can say that it is an open source project. Now, the question is what are the benefits of CyanogenMod? Well, it helps you receive a very flexible customization as well as interface that enable to enhance performance and features of the android handset.

When you have CyanogenMod the software limitations as imposed by the manufacturers are removed. With this, you can expect some enhancement in features like overclocking the android’s CPU, taking complete back up on computer as well as tethering the phone. If you are clear with the concept, we can move ahead.

CM9 Alpha Build 2 works amazingly on Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 and helps the user in enjoying the perfect performance of the handset.

Here’s the list of things that are working:

Calls, both making and receiving





USB Mass Storage

Proximity Sensor


Accelerated UI

Perfect Video Playback

Camera, USB tethering and a few more things are still not working. Developer is still working hard to clear these problems. This ROM being in the development stage is not yet free from bugs. Efforts are being taken in that regards also.

Screen Shots for CM9 Alpha Build 2 for Galaxy S Plus i9001

 Install CM9 Alpha ROM on Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 

Before we move on to the actual procedure, kindly go through the disclaimer below:

Disclaimer: Installing CM9 on Galaxy S Plus is a bit risky procedure. Thus, you should take it up at your own risk. shall not be responsible for any sort of data loss, phone bricking or phone damage. Also, it is important to note that installing CM9 on your handset shall make the warranty of your phone void. Apart from that we expect you to have enough technical knowledge while you take up installing CM9. This is because still some bugs are there which are being sorted out.

It is important to note that the procedure is a bit complicated and thus you must follow each step very carefully. If you make any mistake you will end up bricking the device. Thus kindly follow all the steps mentioned in the official thread properly to avoid any complications:

Here’s the link to video that will guide you to proceed with the installation procedure:

We hope you will enjoy the ICS treat on your Galaxy S Plus Android Smart phone. Kindly revert back and provide your feedback and experiences.


  1. I hope camera works and the rom becomes more stable as the Google play is pre-included and nothing elce just camera & stibility with Google Play though Thanks arc068!!!Thanks!Thanks!!Thanks!!!

  2. Hi,
    I have installed ics (android 4.0.4) on my galaxy s plus I9001. I managed to have the camera working but am not able to install google play. I have tried to flash the zip but it does not get installed . I also tried to install the google play apk but it doesnt open.any links? pl mail me the same

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