How to root Acer Liquid Express E320 with One Click Root

Root Acer Liquid Express E320Acer Liquid Express E320 is a popular Android phone that showed up first around October-November 2011. Since launch, Android developers had been searching for rooting methods that would root Acer Liquid Express E320 so that complete control over the operating system can be achieved. As per XDA discussion forum, a few developers who had tried Superone Click for rooting this Android, faced some issues. But when they tried the DoomLord One Click Root to root Acer E320, it worked they were quite satisfied with the results. So, here we present the simple DoomLord rooting procedure:

How to Root Acer Liquid Express E320 with DoomLord One Click Root

The very first thing you are required to do is download rooting tool from XDA developers from here:

From the same link you can also download the unroot tool. But you will be able to unroot with the mentioned unroot tool only when you have rooted using the DoomLord procedure.

Disclaimer: When you are rooting or unrooting the device using the DoomLord root tool kit, you should be extremely careful or otherwise you will end up bricking the phone. It is important to note that rooting the phone makes the warranty of the phone void. Thus you must root your phone at your own risk.

After you have downloaded the rooting and unrooting tool you must also check ADB installation. We assume that your PC has ADB installation and with that we move ahead.

Rooting procedure:

  1. First you need to check USB debugging is enabled and this can checked this way: Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > enable USB Debugging. You must also enable the Unknown Sources and it can be done this way: Menu > Settings > Applications.
  2. Now connect the phone to computer with help of USB data cable.
  3. You need to skip “PC Companion Software” prompt on the phone.
  4. Move to the folder where the content has been extracted post downloading. Run the RUNMe.bat and just follow all the instructions properly as it comes.
  5. Following those simple instructions, you will get your Acer Liquid Express E320 rooted.

For unrooting also, you will have to check USB debugging, enable unknown sources, skip PC Companion Software. After that you go to the folder where you extracted the downloaded content. Follow“”RUNME-UNROOT.bat” and follow the instructions to get your phone unrooted!

Do let us know your comments on this and the experience after rooting.


  1. Oscar Talavera says:

    Didn´t work for me, i have an acer e320, the Orange model and failed to root with this method, any help?

  2. jamie tomkinson says:

    I have a acer liquid exspress and i wont turn on

  3. I also have an Acer liquid express E320 on UK orange network. I have tried to root this using superone click, Z4 and doomlord but I cannot get it to root. I am getting sick and tired of a “low space” warning due to all the rubbish that has been preinstalled. Can anyone help out and tell me how I can root my phone?


  4. I faced similar problems until I realized that the E320 (mine is T-Mobile branded) is not even recognized by Windows (7). After downloading and installing the proper drivers manually from the Acer website, it worked within 2 minutes. Now I got a rooted E320 and am really happy with this practical phone. Hope this helps someone.

    • Check this out for how to install the adb drivers you need.

    • Thanks matei, your advice really helped a lot!!! Downloading and manually installing the drivers solved every problem and now everything works just fine. Thanks :)

    • Can you tell me those drives and maybe links that would help so much

    • Hi,
      my E320 is t-mobile branded, too!
      Build: Acer_E320_1.008.01_EMEA_TMUK
      Baseband: C6-1.008
      Android: 2.3.4 Gingerbread
      Do you have this version of the E320? Or what Version do You have?
      If so, You seem to be lucky to have this rooted – I cannot find a lot of people who succeeded on this Version!
      rooting ….without installing a custom-rom from a russian page….
      I want to root without custom-rom – because I have a lot of apps that would take me days to re-install on the Acer phone. I hope everything stays with Doomlord!?

      So please matei – or anyone else who succeeded with exactly this version of the E320- PLEEEEEZ give me more information-
      Did You use the V3 or the newer V4 of Doomlord?
      What drivers did You mean, that You downloaded from ACER?
      How did You install them manually?
      How did You realize, that Your device is not recognized by Win7 ?
      I browsed for days, I don’t want to brick my phone- so THANKS for helping me and a lot of other users…

  5. Sorry should have posted the link!

  6. hello.
    I followed the procedure on my acer liquid express T Mobile and it worked perfectly.

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