Butterfly ICS v2.0 Custom ROM for Xperia S LT26i

Xperia S LT26i ICS Custom ROM

Lately developers have started paying attention to Xperia S model. This is definitely good thing for Xperia S Android Smart Phone owners. In this article we are going to provide useful information about Butterfly ICS v2.0 ROM for Xperia S. This development comes from reputed XDA Developer Lervly. We thank him for this wonderful contribution to the firmware technology. Xperia S will also get the taste of ICS treat with this ROM.

During the development stage, first version of this ROM was developed and it was called as v1.0. Let us first look into the basic features v1.0 generated and then move on towards features of Butterfly ICS v2.0.

Features: v1.0

Base version on Sony Xperia S .73 Firmware Rooted

Inclusion of ICS wallpaper

Inclusion of ICS icon

ICS battery percentage

And a few more

Features of Butterfly ICS v2.0 for Xperia S

Cleaner version

Light weight edition

Superb performance

Remove Browser to add on patch

Remove gallery3D to Add-On Patch

ICS Color

Font Notification Clock & Date

New wallpaper

ICS Wifi

Signal Icon in Notification Bar

Apart from this, Butterfly ICS v2.0 is also enriched with ICS Quickpanel 14 Widget Status bar Include Swipe Notification in ICS On-Off Style. You will also see the latest Google Maps. Not only this, you will find this ROM cool because you will be able to play movies, books etc. There are add ons like Facebook, Twitter and other social widget ICS style. It also includes ICS boot animation and beat audio.

Of course, looking into the features of Butterfly ICS v2.o you would feel like installing it on your Xperia S. Well, just read on the information below for installation.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that installing Butterfly ICS v2.0 on Xperia S can be risky. If while installing this ROM anything goes wrong Androidust shall not be responsible for the same. You should do this at your own risk.

Note: We expect you to have enough technical knowledge and that must be the reason why you are here. We have not tested this ROM on our own. This article is meant to provide information about the developments that take place in the Android field.

According to Developer Lervly, before you start installing Butterfly ICS v2.0 you must fulfill the following pre-requisites. These include:

– Firmware 6.0.A.3.73 , Rooted!!

– DoomKernel

One more important thing you are required to do is, take complete back up of the phone and this includes data, APN settings, ROM, contacts, messages etc.

Charge your phone’s battery to the extent of 70 percent so that there are no issues or hurdles in between the procedure.

In regards to How to install, developer has provided this information:

Take back up of ROM, settings and data


Flash in CWM Recovery

He also recommends to go to Settings>Privacy>Factory Reset after first boot with this ROM.

He has also provided the attractive screen shots( given below also) and download links for ICS ButterflyROM.All these things and some more information you will be able to view on the official thread of XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1626871

We would love to get your feedback on how you felt for this ROM.Kindly revert back and share your valuable views with us.

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