BBM – Blackberry Messenger for Android download – Reality or Rumor ?

Blackberry Messenger on Android: Rumor or Reality?

Blackberry Messenger on Android downloadThree months back there was rumor about Blackberry Messenger would be available for download over platforms like Android and iOS. But to clear off the air in this regards RIM made a statement that this was only a rumor and still RIM has no plans to release BBM on any other platforms. This is because Blackberry Messenger is a unique feature that keeps the company unique among its followers. But many new cross platform communication apps have been released now which has made competition quite high. Thus there might be a possibility that some time soon Blackberry Messenger (BBM) may officially run on the Android platforms as well as available for download for other platforms too. This rumor was mainly based on a few image leaks that showed BBM on Android. But the story that had got some attention three months back was purely a rumor. But this story that had got some attention three months back was purely a rumor.

Now the hot and buzzing news is, some newer images showing BBM on Android have also released a couple of days back. The recent image shows BBM running on Froyo. It is not known that from which place this picture actually leaked from. But it actually spread like a wildfire. There is a possibility that this picture may be of some developers’ device who knows how to integrate two different spaces or elements. But such a picture and rumor surely gives rise to a hope that in near future BBM may run on Android platform. It would be something amazing for the gadget lovers who love integrating two beautiful things from different places.

Download Blackberry MessengerBut, most of the industry experts believe that this picture may be some photoshop job. Some Android enthusiasts also go to the extent telling that this may be a testing stuff and soon, the test would be over, results would be out. Thus, there are different schools of thought over this at the moment. So don’t be surprised to see Blackberry Messenger available for download on Android market in near future.

But we believe that if at all RIM is reading this, it should come up with an idea to make this rumor a reality. When this happens, it will be a treat for people using BBM to their Blackberry friends from their Android devices. So till then we keep our fingers crossed to see the most used mobile messaging app on the most popular mobile OS. Do let us know your comments and any more info on this below.

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