All in one Social Notifications widget [BlingBoard] for Android phones

Integrate all your Social Notifications with BlingBoard Social Widget for Android

Social Widget Bling Board

It is a known fact that Smartphones are meant to enhance the user experience in different arena and platforms. Keeping this in mind developers come up with many different apps and widgets for Android users to enhance their social experience as well. If you love using more than one social network to stay connected then perhaps BlingBoard Social Widget will come up for your assistance. Yes, if you learn how to use such Android Widgets in apt ways, you can not only fulfill the desire of staying connected, but also, rise up technologically. So, today in this article we shall give you information about all in one BlingBoard Social Widget for Android Smartphones and Tablets that will help you in integrating multiple social networks like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and many more along with missed calls and others on one single widget.

Features of BlingBoard Social Widget

BlingBoard Social Widget helps you to have an organized area on the gadget from where you can manage things the way you like. This widget has recently entered into Google’s Play Store. The reasons why we like BlingBoard Social Widget are:

  • Bling Board WidgetsWith this widget, you will be able to quickly view the social content and reply that soon.
  • It shows content summary and Avatar picture on every item that you have selected.
  • It also has auto and manual refresh.
  • It is also equipped with quick reply option.
  • When no content appears, it shows digital clock and date.
  • You can view Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Gmail box, text messages as well as missed calls.

If you liked this app then you can download the same from this link given here: Download Bling Board

Since this widget is new to you, there may be some doubts in your mind in regards to how to install that and then how to operate the same. Well, it is pretty simple. Just read the following important FAQs and most of your doubts will be cleared.

How to install BlingBoard Social Widget?

It is very simple. Just go this way: Menu>Add>Widgets>BlingBoard. That’s it.

What is the minimum auto refresh interval on this widget?

Every 30 minutes there is an auto refresh for updates. However, manually you can refresh whenever you want.

Can I see old sms and missed calls before I updated the Smartphone with this app?BlingBoard Social widget screenshot

You will be able to see only the missed calls and messages that came up after adding this widget.

What is the use of clear button on the widget?

BlingBoard clear button is restricted only for the widget. By using that you will be able to remove the selected tabs. Do not worry, because the clear button won’t clear up anything else.

We hope that, BlingBoard app will be quite useful to you and it will surely contribute in making your networking quite potent, easy and enjoyable. Do let us know your comment on it after using the same.

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