ZTE Athena Features and Specs Leaked

ZTE Athena: Is this the Thinnest Smart Phone?


 ZTE is a popular name in the mobile phone world. With its Smart Phone manufacturing and marketing, it has created its own space among the competitors. Even though there are many mobile makers like Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc. ZTE has no reason to stay behind. This is because it has good fan and user base.

Coming to ZTE Athena, even though we feel that size zero is not anymore sexy, still, somewhere we fantasize for thinnest things. May be this is something we have within our perceptions that the thinner the better. Well, there used to be a stiff competition as to which is the thinnest Smart Phone in the world? Huawei Ascend P1 S used to keep this title initially. Later it was taken away by Oppo Finder which is set to be released on 6th of June. But this phone won’t bear the thinnest Smart Phone title now. This is because we have come across leaked pictures of ZTE Athena. Yes, this Chinese Company is surely going to give Oppo Finder a run for its money. At least this is what seems from the specs and features of ZTE Athena and the leaked news.

ZTE Athena is supposed to have the following features and specs:

 Features and specs of ZTE Athena (Leak)

Multiple color options

6.2mm thin chassis

Slim body

Slick design

Amazing looks

720 P display

Cortex A15 processor

Android 4.0

64 GB internal storage

Nothing has been confirmed yet in regards to price. We expect that it should have a nominal price tag so that it becomes an affordable deal. By the way, it may not even bear an official name as Athena. This seems to be only the code name. There’s a rumor that this phone will have Miflavor User Interface.

From the leaked specs and features of ZTE Athena, it seems that this Smart Phone will surely create a buzz. Above all, from the past ZTE strategies it is supposed to hit globally soon. But really, this news would surely make Oppo Finder a bit insecure because its competitor is on the way. Release dates is still not confirmed. So, what do you think? Are you ready to taste this upcoming phone’s flavour? Do you think that it will really steal the show with its thinnest Smart Phone title? Were you planning to buy Oppo Finder due to its slim looks? Now what you will do? Oppo Finder(6.65) or ZTE Athena(6.2)?

Well, we would love to receive your comments on this.

Source: Engadget



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