Xperia Sola KA01 Xperia S Speed ROM

Xperia Sola Test ROM

Xperia Sola is a fairly new Smart Phone from Sony and we are happy that developers like Krabappel2548 have been attending this phone so actively. This ROM is not quite popular as of now because it is still the test version and developers are still testing this Xperia Sola ROM.

There are some things that are not working and there are a few bugs too. As per the discussions that we read on the official thread, we realized that still some work is required to be done on this ROM.But still, we would love to share with you certain facts about Xperia Sola ROM KA01 Xperia S Speed Test that we came across. We are sure Android enthusiasts would love to stay updated and get enlightened with the useful info that we are going to provide through this article.

But before that kindly read the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Xperia S Speed custom ROM for Xperia Sola is a test ROM and thus it is better that you should not install it right now. Still some developments are going on in this thread and only after everything is sorted out, you must take plunge to install it. We will keep you updated over this. However, if you are an Android geek and love taking minor risks then you can do so at your own risk.

Note: This ROM for Xperia Sola is based on .564 stock firmware. The developer has tweaked it a bit for performance enhancement.

Here are the important features of Xperia S Speed ROM Test.

Features of Xperia Sola Test ROM


Status bar toggles

Loads of tweaks

Swipe to remove notification

New wall papers

All features of the stock

New phone of charging animation

Smooth spinner mod

ICS transition animations

30 steps media volume

Hide data notifications

You will be able to download this ROM from the official XDA thread as given at the end of the post.

We would like to remind you again that downloading and installing this ROM can be a bit risky. But still, if you are an ardent tester and love taking such small risks against the immense fun that you get testing and tasting such wonderful ROMs then here are the installation instructions for you. But we expect you to have some technical knowledge to move ahead from here.

How to Install Xperia Sola ROM, KA01 Xperia S Speed ROM Test

The very first thing you are expected to do is unlock the bootloader for Xperia Sola. You can do this with the help of this link:

Now, flash this ROM with the help of Fastboot and if you wish after installing you can try Settings=>Privacy=>Factory reset.

Final word: The developer states in the forum that if while testing this any bugs are found, he should be intimated in regards to the same on the official thread. Some people who have tried this report continuous bootloop issue with this ROM.There might be some more issues as well. We hope that these issues are sorted out soon and what we get finally is a beautiful working ROM for Xperia Sola.

Official Thread:


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