Xperia ARC ICS Overclock without Custom Kernels

No Custom Kernel Overclocking Sony Xperia ARC

Sony Xperia ARC is a perfect choice for all those searching for some really rocking handset. If you wish to go one step ahead with this rocking handset then perhaps overclocking is a thrilling stuff. But the only thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a risky method and you should use it at your own risk. Overclocking is sometimes dangerous and there are chances that this may brick your handset. Kindly read the disclaimer as given below:

Disclaimer: Since overclocking Xperia ARC on ICS may be a bit dangerous you need to do it carefully. Also, take this up only if you exactly know what you are doing. You should have technical knowledge to take this up. If anything goes wrong then we shall not be responsible for the same. You must perform the method at your own risk.

Procedure for Overclocking Xperia ARC ICS No Custom Kernel

Reputed XDA developer Viulian have come up with the procedure to overclock Xperia ARC without the need of custom Kernel. We really thank him for this amazing discovery. He has mentioned the detailed procedure in XDA and his link that are given at the end of the post. It is important to note that the method is quite complicated and risky also. Thus we expect that you need to have enough technical knowledge as well as some home work over the topic. However, here are the steps that the developer advocates:

1. The very first step is that you must download this file:
2. This zip has two files: overclock_12.ko and overclock_14.ko.
3. You need to unpack the two files on the /SD card folder.
4. Insert this code now. insmod  / sdcard/overclock_1X.ko (in this x is 2 or 4. You can use 2 for 1200MHz and 4 for 1400 MHz.) It is up to you the frequency that you want to choose.

In relation to this the developer has rightly explained about the frequency managers also. All that you will be able to read from the link given at the end. With the tutorial that Viulian has given, he was able to overclock Xperia ARC at 1200Mhz without the bootloader unlocked and no custom Kernel.

Till this tutorial was released there was a belief that in order to Overclock ARC, there is a need of custom Kernel. But with this discovery, the developer has proved that wrong. Xperia ARC can be overclocked even without a custom kernel.



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    Where n how I insert the code insmod /sdcard/overclock_1X.ko?

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