Will CM10 (Jelly Bean) Work on Xperia Devices?

When is CyanogenMod 10 Expected for Sony Xperia?

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 has brought about loads of positive alterations in the Android field. There is hell lot of developments taken up these days. The latest news we heard is from CyanogenMod. They confirmed that CM10 will be Jelly Bean and the work is in process. The next version of CyanogenMod is supposed to be having Jelly Bean as the base and this big version will be called as CM10.

We are sure this is something that would thrill your senses. Of course, Galaxy owners get the first priority always and sometimes Xperia owners feel left out. But don’t worry. There’s good news for Sony Xperia owners who are having one question in mind, Will CM10 work on Xperia? Well, of course! CM10 Jelly Bean will work on Xperia also. Now, you will ask that how can we ensure this. Well, just read on the details CyanogenMod has come up with and you will understand why we think Sony Xperia devices will get CM10 after sometime.

CyanogenMod explained in one of the posts it made on Google Plus that many people initially thought that Jelly Ben will be CM9. But JB will be CM10. Since J is the 10th alphabet, CM for that should be CM10.The code analysis is still going on and thus still many changes would be on the way. The reason why we feel that Sony Xperia won’t have issues with CM10 is, if the Xperia handset runs on CM9 then there should be absolutely no problems in running CM10. The shift from CM7 to CM9 as in Android 2.3 to 4.0 was a bit difficult. But CyanogenMod team expects that shift from CM9 to CM10 that is Android 4.0 to Android 4.1 should be less tough. CM also confirms that once CM9’s stability is established they will take up work on CM7 as well to establish the cordial relation between CM7 and CM10.


CyanogenMod is only reluctant with a cent percent analysis because of lack on source codes. But it is anticipated that there can be refactoring in Trebuchet and the LockScreen enhancements, along with the Theme Engine. Thus Xperia users will be glad once such developments reach the final stage. But as of now, CM10 for Sony Xperia is a bit far. But we know how efficient and fruitful the results would be since these efforts come from CM, the most popular ROMs. We hope CyanogemMod is reading this. We want CM10 for Xperia soon. Can we expect it?

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