When will Micromax Funbook Tablet get Jelly Bean?

Is Jelly Bean Update Due for Micromax Funbook P300?

Micromax Funbook P300 is a 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is one of the most affordable tablets as available in today’s times. This fun and educational tablet is priced at around Rs 6500-7000 in India.  Other features of Micromax Funbook tablet include 1.22 GHz processor, 0.3 MP VGA front camera, 4 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32GB and many other useful specs.

Micromax Funbook tablet has become so much popular among techno geeks and developers that there are many developers dedicated for custom ROM development in this field. This is an additional benefit that users can fetch. Like some days back we have already made a detailed mention about Cyanbook ROM for Micromax Funbook P300 right here: http://www.androidust.com/cyanbook-v0-3-rom-for-micromax-funbook-p300/.

Many users are asking us that whether there are any chances that Jelly Bean would come up for Micromax Funbook anytime soon? We hope, you know what Jelly Bean is? Jelly Bean is the latest Android platform with version number 4.1. Only Google Nexus has this as of now. In Mid-July Google is planning to launch this operating system. But as you now developers start coming up with their own developments quickly and thus there are many Jelly Bean ROMs available as of now for various phones like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, and HTC One X. But till now we did not find any Jelly Bean ROM for Micromax Funbook. It is our earnest request to leading developers (we hope Ninad Chaudhari is listening) that some amazing ROM should be developed for Micromax Funbook P300. We really hope that Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM for Funbook is floated soon at XDA or at Androidforum. All the best developers!

Well, there’s one more hope here. Since Micromax Funbook runs on ICS 4.0 there is a hope that if the compatibility issues do not occur then Micromax Funbook can get Jelly Bean update in future. And when this happens, believe us users would have an improved user interface, some positive changes in home screen and a smoother buttery experience. Micromax has not announced anything on this till now. But if the company wants to stay into competition then it should take certain bold and strategic steps like flashing official Jelly Bean on Micromax Funbook in future. Right now, we can only wait and watch.

We would love to get feedback from Micromax Funbook users in this regards. What you guys think? Kindly let us know. Share your views right here via comments.






  1. pls ! i want Jelly Bean,,,,,,have p300 pls ! add download &support section in micromax website for funbook

  2. Ya, there are some beautiful custom rom’s already available…..hope developers can bring jelly bean to funbook. Thanks to all the Developers.

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