What is Super User App in rooted Android Phones

Android SuperuserAndroid phone rooters definitely have an idea about the importance of Super User Android app. In fact, this app is the checking means to find out that whether the Android device is actually rooted or not. The main aim of Super User app is to manage the Super User permissions. Yes, rooting the android phone makes it a free device and now you have the access to the operating system as well as stock apps. With Super User app you will be eligible to have the Super User privileges to remove the apps or modify them when desired. But the first condition is, you must root your Android phone and then only you will get the Super User access, otherwise not.

Some facts about Super User App:

As soon as Super User android app is installed you will get the right to delete the default apps from the system. In fact the app of current times is much advanced and rather than merely displaying the default apps with codes or numbers, you will actually get the display of default app names. This will make it very simple for you to remove the default app. Many mobile advertising annoyances can be removed easily from this mode.

Translations are also included and thus it becomes very simple for the developer to carry out the task, the way he understands it. The request window that the app has is also quite clear and visible. This reduced half of your tension.

Benefits like better icon, good notification system, full logging, better bug-fixers, better security aspects make this a perfect app for developers.

You can download Super User app here : Super User App

Note: Note: In order to move ahead with this procedure you will need a rooted android phone. This is because when the android phone is rooted, you will get access to Super User app. Androidust has the rooting procedures of many phones and universal rooting techniques. If you wish to root your Android phone, you can use them and root. In case, if you are not able to get the rooting procedure for your model then you can contact us and we will surely guide you as to how to move ahead with rooting.

Disclaimer: Since Super User app is related to rooting the android device, it is important to note that rooting the device makes its warranty void. You must root the device and download Super User app at your own risk.

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