What is rooting an Android phone ?

What is Rooting AndroidEveryone loves freedom! But only a few people try taking steps towards the path of freedom. If you feel the load of restrictions that your Android handset carries then it’s time to root your phone and free the android. It is but natural that you may hate the idea of staying restricted especially when you are buying a Smartphone with a hefty price tag. This idea encourages the temptation to root the Android phone.

After you root your Android phone, you will now be able to remove and modify the pre-installed Apps and installations. Just like in Windows one can have an administrator account, in Linux the administrator is called as root. Thus in an Android phone you will come across the word rooting the android phone. It means, getting access to the higher level (administrative level) permissions. Since Android is Linux, with rooting, there is Super user access to this particular operating system.

It is important to note that rooting the Android device makes the warranty of the device void. But still, developers and tech savvy people are quite a lot excited and thrilled with this procedure as it helps them to attain complete access to the operating system of the device. At one side there is a risk of bricking the phone when you root it, but if you follow the proper instructions and procedures from a legitimate site like www.androidust.com then the chances of such things reduce and the benefits would surely outsmart the risk, by way of features enhancement and other advantage or rooting.

There was a time when rooting was considered as a tedious and long procedure. But the credit for simplification of the procedures go to the hard-working developers who toil and find simple one click programs and tools that would help you in rooting the phone by simple methods. In fact, after rooting the phone, when you feel to unroot your Android , even that won’t take much time and energy. Thus with the help of simple rooting methods you can gain ultimate power over your android phone. Yes, you will get access to the super app called as Super user app which is mother of all apps.

But just like every coin has two sides, you may face some problems too. There are some advantages of rooting as well as disadvantages. But you should be a tech savvy person to find solution of the same. Rooting is something that may expose you to an internal file and the file may be dangerous or malicious. This is one of the drawbacks of the rooting procedure.

To summarize all the above, you can say that, rooting helps you to gain root access to the android operating system in the phone and grands “Superuser” access to the system.


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    I wanna root my $5360

  2. I wanna root my $5360

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