What is Clockworkmod recovery and its advantages

Clockworkmod featuresBefore knowing about Clockworkmod recovery, let’s see what is a recovery mode. Most of the Android phones comes with a dedicated partition in its internal memory, which is a bootable recovery mode. In case you have a problem with your phone’s OS or you tried some wrong rooting or custom ROM installation procedure and original OS got corrupted or unusable, then this recovery boot mode comes in for your rescue. Normally all Android phones comes with such a recovery mode but with only a few basic recovery options.
This is were Clockworkmod has its advantages. There are many advanced features which you wouldn’t find in a normal recovery mode.

Clockworkmod recovery is popularly known as CWM or Clockwork. This is a procedure wherein Android tablets and phones can perform several high level functions as in advanced restoration, advanced recovery and installation. Clockworkmod Recovery falls in the category of custom recovery. With custom recovery, certain maintenance operations can also be carried out which stock recovery can not do.

With stock recovery (that is available as a console during the shipment) you can only perform some handy operations such as factory reset the Android handset or recover the operating system with the official ROM. But, if you wish to go beyond this process (suitable for tech savvy people only) then custom recovery comes to help you out.

When you opt for custom recovery, you will be open to all the options of stock recovery but along with that other paths will also open up for you. With this, you will be able to install official ROMs for sure and if required unofficial ROMs too.

Now, coming back to Clockworkmod, this being one of the most common custom recovery procedure for many popular Android phones, many tech savvy people use it while installing any new custom ROM to the Android device. In simple words you can say that, Clockworkmod takes up the standard built-in recovery process with tons of other options for you. Thus, it helps you with updates like kernels, apps, themes, partition on device, restore back ups and many such things. Wiping the phone, battery stats, fixing permissions etc. are some of the other useful features.

ROM ManagerBut in order to use these option you will need a rooted phone. After rooting the phone, you must check out that whether your Android handset supports this form of custom recovery or not. If yes, then you will need ROM manager in order to install CWM. ROM manager can be downloaded from the market free of cost.


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