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DroidpadWant to use your phone as a joystick or remote control ? Well if you are on an Android, you definitely can. DroidPad is an amazing app which can work as a joystick or universal remote control for your applications on PC. Yes, you can control the music, films, presentations and even games at your WiFi range. But right now we shall see how we can use it as a joystick or mouse for PC. This is truly an exciting thing. We shall also see how to install Droidpad both on your Android as well as on PC.

How to install Droidpad

In order to use the android handset as PC joystick or mouse there are basically two installations that will be needed during the process. First, you have to install DroidPad on your android handset. You can download droid pad below or you can just scan the QR code with your barcode scanner.

Install Droidpad on Android

Download Droidpad

QR code:
Qr code

After you have downloaded, you just have to run it. This will help you set up the DroidPad on your phone.

Install Droidpad on PC

Now, the second installation that will be needed actually belongs to the PC part. This app is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. But for Windows users, care must be taken while downloading the files from Droidpad website. This is because some files do appear as virus in Windows. But according to Droidpad developers, this is a false alert and is a known thing. This is a false report as created by certain anti-virus programs that the system may have.

It is important to note that the process of installing DroidPad first time on the PC is a little complicated. You must however follow the step by step procedure as given below or on Droidpad website.

Download installer from here and once you are done with that just launch it. For launching, you will have to accept all the default settings that are available. After you have accepted all the default settings, just click on Install. This will set up and launch DroidPad on PC. Also use the same link for the installation and configuration of Joystick function.

Once installed properly, your Android phone can take form of the universal remote control or joystick for your PC games. You can control many things with your handset, use it as mouse or joystick. Merely connect your phone via WiFi / USB once everything is ready. After that you can press Start, and play any PC game, take up control of the side-show or any such thing. Now, you can use your Android phone as a joystick or remote control.

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