[Updated] Root WT19i Live with Walkman on 4.0.2.A.0.62 latest firmware

Root WT19i Live with Walkman on 0.62Since rooting Sony Ericsson Live Walkman WT19i after 4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware update is reported to create issues with the normal rooting method which we discussed earlier last week. We did a little research to root the phone with the updated Android version And we found that at present there is only one working method to root WT19i on 4.0.2.A.0.62 . We scanned through many XDA pages and found this method to do so with latest version. So if you are desperate to have root access on your phone then your are left with two options:

1) Install the new feature rich custom ROM for WT19i based on 4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware which we discussed on our last post. OR

2) Downgrade your 0.62 firmware to 0.58, root it and upgrade again to 0.62 maintaining the root access. This method also installs Clockworkmod without even unlocking bootloader.

Both of the above are good alternatives and if you chose the second option then here is how you do it.

Extras: Read here how you can Over clock your WT19i Live with Walkman.

Rooting tool & packages:

Download all the packages given below

Flash Tool

Firmware WT19i_4.0.2.A.0.58

Doomlord rooting kit

CWM Recovery

Now, after you download all the above links, we move forward to the rooting procedure.

Disclaimer: Rooting WT19i 4.0.2.A.62 will help you free the android phone. But this has some risks and you must move ahead, keeping in mind such risks (like bricking the phone and loss of data). We recommend that only if you are ready to get exposed to such risks, root your phone. Kindly do it at your own risk. The information as produced in this site is produced with care, keeping in mind the requirements of the users. But it is important to note that rooting the phone makes the warranty of the phone void.

Rooting procedure:

  1. First thing that you need to do is unzip the firmware that you have downloaded and put in Flashtool firmware.
  2. Now, you can go to Flashtool. Power off your device and after that is done you need to press 3 keys simultaneously: volume down, home and power button. When you do this, the green LED should glow up. Flash the firmware with flashing tool.
  3. Now start the phone and follow setups as you would do with a new phone.
  4. Now, use the Doomlord kit for rooting the device. Rooting may make the phone’s warranty void and this is something you should keep in mind. Before rooting check out the USB debugging and make sure it is checked. You can do this by Settings->Application->Development->check USB debugging. The screen timeout should be set at around 30 minutes.
    Now run runme.bat. Your WT19i Live with Walkman is rooted now and super User app should be installed.
  5. Its time to update the firmware again. For this go to Setting >> About >> Software update. Now download the same and also install it. Remember to update only through OTA (Over the Air) method for permanent root. Updating using PC companion will give temporary root and you will lose the root once restarted. So avoid using PC companion.
  6. After you are done with updating you must unzip CWM install and run the second file script : wt19i.install-cmw2.cmd.Check USB debugging and also set the screen time out as 10 minutes.

This will give you newer version root firmware along with Clockworkmod and in the matter of time you are also not required to unlock bootloader.

Congrats! This will help you root Wt19i for .62 and above firmware. For any clarifications or doubts, you can comment below and we will be help you sort out the same.


  1. can i use Hybrom custom ROM for WT19i Live with Walkman instead of Firmware WT19i_4.0.2.A.0.58 while flashing without unlocking bootloader

    • No, Since in this process given above, while downgrading and upgrading the firmware, we are using is the official Sony Ericsson firmwares. So the locked bootloader will allow to boot through that. But as soon as it see an unofficial firmware, it will not allow to load. So for you to do that, you need to unlock the bootloader at any case.

      • matthew says:

        hi i make a mistake i install hybrom without make an unlock bootloader on sony live wt19i ..first i root it and install cwm before install hybrom .but when i make a reboot they stuck on se logo ..what i ahve to do pls ? when i try to connect to pc they did not recognize too ..so pls someone can help me :(

    • hi,
      is there any solutions for the battery? it only last for max of 5hrs, then charge it again. damn it makes me crazy..

      help me please…

  2. thanks

  3. is there any problem if I don’t update to 62 again after root ??

  4. I’m not able to connect the device with the flash tool, can help me? Sorry for the english, I’m Brazilian!

  5. Your English is perfectly OK !! :)
    Did you check Settings->Application->Development->check USB debugging ?
    Also before starting check if you have disabled all Anti-virus or such programs. They might block the connection sometimes. Also do check if you have followed the button combination correctly : press 3 keys simultaneously: volume down, home and power button. And see the green led is glowing or not.

    • Thanks, got it! need only press down the volume.

    • My phone ain’t booting…said i should check unknown sources and usb debugging but forgot to do and the phone boot because it shut down by itself..Please i really need your help on this

    • My phone shut down on its own and i forgot to check the unknown sources and usb debugging…wat should i do?

  6. sigfried says:

    I can’t update my firmware OTA. i m able to download it but it stops during installation.

  7. If you are having issues with updating firmware OTA then I think there is some issue with your phone. You can once factory reset your phone and try updating it again. Also if you are on old firmware you can try this old method by us before Live with Walkman got the update : http://www.androidust.com/rooting-sony-ericsson-live-with-walkman-wt19i-on-2-3-complete-guide/

  8. After I’ve done everything why do I must install CWM? And are there any risks with flashing (downgrading) the firmware. I know about the root but the flashing firmware?

    • No it is not compulsory to install CWM, but it’s recommended to have it for recovering from any issues (if any) later on. Also installing CMW wont hurt you but benefits are many. Installing or flashing firmware is always a slight risky thing. But nowadays the procedures are well tested and you can recover easily from most issues.
      In this procedure, since direct rooting the 0.62 firmware is not possible, we have to roll back to old one and come back again to gain root access. This is the only way currently available. If we find any other easy method, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

      • Well then I’m sure it won’t be quick to find another solution. I’ll try with this one and I know if anything happens to the phone I can repair it with SEUS and start all over again. But that is impossible if I completely die my phone like I did to my Xperia X8 lol. It wasn’t booting at all not even SE logo nothing (completely dead). But they accepted my warranty. And I realized that Xperia X8 is a really stupid phone, I bought it because it was too cheap.

  9. Oh and sorry for writing another comment but I want to say that I died my phone while unlocking the bootloader that I didn’t even know what was it. I want you to tell me that it’s impossible to completely die my Live with Walkman while downgrading. Sorry for annoying you…

    • Ilija,
      Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee you anything at this time. As I said earlier, flashing firmware is always a little risky. But one thing is that many have tried the above method and worked. Only one person had some issue which he reported to us. Problem can arise through very small mistakes during the procedure, like wiping the datas or remains of cache files. Normally there is always a recovery mode for most of the phone, when its dead. That will most probably rescue you in case of any mishap.

  10. should the green LED glow constantly or should it just blink for a second
    and if i do press those 3 buttons at the same time i cant get the green LED to glow
    please help if i press the buttons so many times i can only switch on the phone
    pls help

  11. can you do a video demonstration please

    • DON’T press the power button first. The first button you need to press is the volume down button, then the home button and the last press the power button. Someone else could help you connecting the phone cable while pressing the buttons…

  12. hollow one says:

    Thanks Vinoy, your guide really helped me out. It was my first time to root since this will be my first android phone.

  13. alvin_abinayan says:

    thank you very much, looks like this is not like apple iso. so we can go back in modem firmware just by flashing to a previous virsion… it works but for rooting, DooMLoRD_v4 not worked for me. so i used Root_Unroot_Sony_1.5. other than that every thing works great. thanks again. good work.

  14. Hello
    Every time i plug the phone to pc a message appears asking if i want to install Pc companion…so is this normal?

    and i would like to know if there is any brick risk in this process
    and if bricked the phone…can i recover it easily?
    Thank you

  15. Hello
    Every time I press the 3buttons, I can only switch it on but not have the green led light.
    I have pressed volume down>home>power but still can’t success
    sorry for the english because I am a chinese

  16. hi, i did downgrade to 58, i root it but cant update to 62 then. Pls someone help me. I tried to install rom without update to 62 but its stoppped on sony ericsson logo. :(

  17. Just like Jason’s issue, I’m having problems relating to the 3 buttons although im simultaneously pressing down volume button, home button and lastly the power button. It just acts like a normal power on button and nothing unusual happens. When I start to click Flash>click flashmode the window states that it is preparing flash files but then another window pops up saying to disconnect phone>turn off the phone>hold the BACK BUTTON while turning ON the phone again. How do we continue from there?

  18. I m also having same issue like Kryss says.Three button not working,first hold volume down,then home then power button.And nothing happen just normal start up phone.However when phone power off, i just hold volume down button and plug usb cable it say phone in flash mode but few second latter say disconnected.
    What should i do.

    • had the same experience. phone automatically disconnects in flash mode after ~40 seconds.
      when phone is already in flash mode, click the flash button right away and flash your phone. when flashing already started, your phone wont’ be disconnected anymore.

      hope i helped.

  19. Can anyone explain me how come my phone looses root after updating to .62? And to the gentleman having trouble with the volume down+home+power this a little trick: turn off cellphone, unplug from usb, press volume down + home at the same time, and then hold power button for less longer than you would to turn it on. then press volume down and hold and then plug usb back. If green led turns on you’re good to go, if not try again (be aware you must have debugging on, unknown apps enabled, dismount your SD)

  20. There is no need to press three buttons. Just press volume down & connect usb cable. It is working for me. Flashed many time using this method.

    • Hi there. I’m trying to install flashtool drivers but Windows keep on telling me that it cannot verify the publisher. Ive turned off my firewall, antivirus and UAC and I still get that notification. Any help? Thanks.

  21. if my phone cant be upgrade to 62 how it can be done? Is it when we root can cause hardbrick? tell me.

  22. Varun Tulsyan says:

    Does rooting would provide all the features of andoid system 4.0 as it would by updating through normal process i.e., when sony makes it available.

    Moreover would i recieve updates made available by the company after rooting my phone.

    • Yes Rooting will never reduce any feature but it would only increase the features. Also You can update to official firmware when Sony release. But only thing is that once you update it, the root access will go and you need to root again with some other methods (if any) again.

  23. nahid Anwar says:

    is ics update will maintain the root?

  24. I connect it with flash mode but it always disconnects when its time to flash, ım goin crazy

  25. zantetsuken says:

    i cant, update my firmwareby ota to .62 after rooting, i tried to resolve the problem so i used pc companion, but still i cant update it, coz a MODIFIED SOFTWARE that prevents the update, my phone wasnt lock to any retailer, i have unlocked the bootloader, but the problem is?

    what is that modified software? please help me :( what shud i do :( is flashing a firmware .62, keeps the root? :(

  26. thanks

  27. emirulaiman says:

    you should tell us to hold the volume button when plugging in the usb….been trying to that for almost an hour

  28. gijs46 says:

    Does it work with firmware .69?

    • gijs46 says:

      ow, never mind. “This will help you root Wt19i for .62 and above firmware. For any clarifications or doubts, you can comment below and we will be help you sort out the same.”

  29. dimpep says:

    I’m from Greece. I bought my phone last December and I decided now to root it, but, in the initial ROM (stocking) there was available foursquare up,now it’s not. Whats app was not available and now it’s already installed. Hoped there is no problem with these apps and only due to different countries are there

  30. amirul says:

    it works!! thx.

  31. Digiquacks says:

    Hi, I have a simple question, i looked over the thread and thought i would ask this clearly;
    1.When ICS comes out for Live WT19i, It will be through PC companion only, Will that remove my root access?
    2.Will the usual methos of flashing to an older firmware work? because Sony will not be going with OTA update when it comes to ICS.
    3.Should i go for ICS when it comes out in last week of May? (or 1st week of june)
    I hope i am clear in my queries?
    Thank you!

  32. Ra'zzuan says:

    Thank You very much !! :-)

  33. Meisterpido says:

    Hi there, peter from malaysia! you guys had put a lot of effort for this and i really appreciates that! Thanks a million! :)

  34. Siddhesh says:

    13/053/2012 18:53:27 – INFO – Flashing finished.
    13/053/2012 18:53:27 – INFO – Please wait. Phone will reboot
    13/053/2012 18:53:27 – INFO – For flashtool, Unknown Sources and Debugging must be checked in phone settings
    13/053/2012 18:53:27 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    Been waiting over 10min. Is this normal? Have a bad feeling.

  35. Siddhesh says:

    Never mind. Got it to work.

    Anyways, anyone knows a working method to enable ad-hoc wifi on SE Live with Walkman? Tried few, didn’t work and had to revert as Wifi got corrupted and stopped working altogether.

  36. My SE Live with Walkman’s built in sound picker suddenly stopped working… Will this be the answer to my problem? or is there any other way without rooting..? Thanks…

  37. i still not root my phone. our service provider juZ gave us the slowww GPRS connection. i’m absolutely cant download the ROM since the file size is large :-((…the only hope is to wait for the new ZERGRUSH for .62.

  38. Quick noob question. Do I need to do some kind of backup to save my apps before doing this update ?

  39. Hi, after using runme.bat my phone restarted, but my build number is still 4.0.2.A.0.62 and when I want to update my phone (OTA) it says you have the latest software :( can you help me? what is wrong?

  40. After i rooted my phone i can’t update him on .62 version, any help?

  41. abhishek says:

    plz upload a video of flashing live with walkman .62 firmware…………….

  42. sorry fo eng i had flash succesfully but i m unable to root it pls guide and what is adb driver and su files

  43. what is adb drivers???pls give any link to download or configre adb drivers

  44. my live with walkman keeps on showing walpapaer screnn wen it is locked nd kept aside in dark y does it happens it seems like someone is touching the touchscreen buttons of the phone oftenly

  45. I have a simple question, will downgrade 0.62 firmware to 0.58 (AKA flashing 0.58) delete all my data and apps?

  46. For all trying OTA update back to 0.62 I found this:
    4.0.2.A.0.62 update was meant to patch the zergrush exploit and minor fixes .It is still Android 2.3.4
    One of the reasons you cant update to the .62 via OTA is you may have rooted the phone and modified /system like installing ClockworkMod recovery .
    Try to update via Sony Ericsson Companion Tool and it will totally flash your phone to
    Remember 4.0.2.A.0.62 cant be rooted by any means without unlocking the bootloader .
    If you want to retain root you will need to search for an older update like .42 or .58(ftf file),Flash via Flash tool
    ,then root it via SOC and then use OTA update via phone to upgrade to 0.62 .

  47. This post really helped to root my phone…. I was trying to root it from 2-3 days with soooooo many methods…. and the culprit was VERSION A.0.62……. :) Nothing works with this version I guess. I had tried DoomLord’s Easy rootkit, SuperOneClick, GingerBreak, etc… Fortunately, saw this post…

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