Unlock Bootloader : Sony Ericsson WT19i Live with Walkman (0.62)

Unlock bootloader WT19iLooking for unlocking bootloader for Sony Ericsson WT19i Live with Walkman? – If yes, then you will be quite happy to know that Sony Ericsson gives you access to the method for unlocking bootloader officially. Once you unlock the boot loader it will be quite simple for you to install the custom ROMs that you wish. It is important to note that when you register your WT19i for unlocking bootloader with IME code, you are making warranty of the device void.

Disclaimer: During this process if some issues (bricking, data loss, damage) occur with your handset then we should not be held responsible for that. We have produced this info with utmost care keeping in mind the users’ preferences.  If at all you face any issues, you can contact us and we will help you sort out the same. It is also vital to keep in mind that when unlocking boot loader is done, the device warranty gets void.

We also suggest that since unlocking the phone may affect the stored data and applications on your device, you should take a thorough back up of the phone. It is also important to note that this process will not give you root access. Only when custom ROM is flashed, you can expect the root access.

How to Unlock Bootloader of WT19i Live with Walkman

First check out whether your phone can undergo unlocking the bootloader officially or not (Not all Sony Ericsson phones have this feature). For that you can check the service menu. Open the dialer and *#*#7378423#*#* to access the service menu. In your phone, go to Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed says Yes, then you can continue with the next step.

If the Bootloader status is Yes, then visit Sony Ericsson Unclock page to register for getting the unlock code.

In this link you will find Continue on the bottom of the page. Click on Continue.

You will get a pop up window and it will ask whether you really want to unlock the boot loader. If you are sure then click Yes, I’m sure.

Read the details and accept the legal terms. Click I Accept.

Fill in the details such as your name, e-mail address, the first 14 digits of your phone’s IMEI number and the two CAPTCHA words in the input boxes.

Click Submit. You will now be able to view the IMEI number by entering *#06# on your phone.

The unlock boot loader key is displayed. Save it or write it down somewhere for later use.

Download and install the latest Android SDK and also download and unzip this file.

Make sure you are running Google USB Driver package revision 4 or higher in your Android SDK.

Since the file is unzipped you can place it in the usb_driver folder.

Now, switch off the phone.

Now push and hold the unlock button *simultaneously when you connect the phone to the computer with the USB-cable.

Now you should select the Android Boot loader Interface-file.

Now open a command window and go to the tools folder that is there in Android SDK folder

Enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version, and this will give you some response back and this means your phone is connected properly.

Enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY, where KEY is the unlock boot loader key you got in the beginning of this instruction. The boot loader should now be successfully unlocked. This is the last and the most vital step. It will unlock the boot loader for WT19i.

That’s it! You are done. We hope that the above procedure is useful to you. If you have any questions then please post here in the comment section. We will reply you soon.


  1. Is there really, really no way to unlock bootloader on wt19i even though Bootloader unlock allowed says no? I’ve searched everywhere and all I found was some payed method with a tool called SETool2, witch I think is just a screw up. You are suppose to download Hamachi and TeamView to give a third person access to your computer :/

  2. Massachusets says:

    hi! what about DRM-keys – are they removed when unlocking bootloader?
    some are reporting that Track-ID doesn’t seem to work anymore after unlocking bootloader. what about it?

  3. emirulaiman says:

    my imei is 15 char long, but when entering the form it says must be exactly 14 char long….how?

  4. thx for ur effort
    would pleas clearfy this step
    “Now you should select the Android Boot loader Interface-file”
    forgive my Ignorance

  5. halo.. i also face the problem like emirulaiman.. my emei is 15 char long.. what should i do? can u help me?

  6. halo . i have followed all this step but at the last part it fail . why ?
    the logs goes like this :
    Unlock phone requested
    finished. total time: 0.003s

  7. frnds i m in trouble pls help …i succesfully unlock boottloader…but after that i cant update my software to 58 to 62…i tried through pc but eror coming”””the phone contain modified software”’when i contct sony support they told me u have to relock your bootloader……now the problem is that how i relock boot loader plssssssssssssssssssss plssssss help

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