Top 4 Android Apps for MBA Students

Must have Android Apps for Prospective MBA


MBA students have lately realized that they just can’t do without an Android Smart Phone. This is because being in this study course; they have to stay prepared almost all the time. There is a need of proficiency in Math, Logic, English, Finance and many other areas if you study for MBA. Keeping this in mind, we have put forward some useful information specifically for MBA students. This post was written after doing a survey in top MBA colleges online and we could conclude that without the mentioned apps, MBA is definitely not that enjoyable and thrilling. Thus, here we shall discuss about Top 4 Android Apps for MBA Students.

Documents to Go App:  Documents to Go Android app is definitely a useful Android app. The good news is, it is also available for iPhone as well as Blackberry. This app is a document processing tool.  It helps in viewing and editing many different files, file types including PowerPoint presentations, PDF files etc. We understand that how frequently you get projects from colleges and how important it is to complete them on time. With this Android app you will be able to get your work quickly.

TripIt: TripIt is an Android app which is available for iPhone and Blackberry also. This not only serves as a perfect networking tool for MBA students but it is also quite reliable in keeping in touch with fellow students. It helps in enhancing social as well as educational experience.

Pocket MBA: Learning Studio by ComboApp (a reputable company active in the business of Mobile Learning Applications): Whether you have just started your MBA course or are in the middle or have just completed the same, Pocket MBA will work as a knowledgeable source for providing an idea about market influences, financial conditions and the business responses. Even though your MBA coursework should cover most of these things, this is highly recommended for MBA studies.

Dragon Diction: This is something that is really going to provide you an altogether different experience. Dragon Diction app help you get the text message or email typed once you dictate the statement. This also includes social media post, tweet or jus a status update. The best thing about this app is, the way it gets typed you will feel it is so much faster than the keyboard typing work.

We hope you liked our post on Top 4 Android Apps for MBA Students. We know that there are so many other apps but we bet, these are the most potent ones. Apart from your custom made requirements, we suggest you to use these apps that we have mentioned above. The mentioned Android apps for MBA students will surely help in making their life and educational course better. Apart from these, if you have some such potent Android apps for MBA students to share here, then do the same in the comment section. We would love getting your views and responses on this.




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