Tizen vs Android

What is Tizen?

Tizen is an open source web-centric OS for use in devices which ranges from smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. Tizen that runs HTML 5 applications is the result of hard work of Linux foundation and have integrated support for Wholesale Applications Community web development environment. “We anticipate that the vast majority of Tizen application development will be based on these emerging standards,” the project’s website explains.

Tizen Vs Android Picture

It is governed by a Group known as Technical Steering Group comprising Intel and Samsung. Yes, Samsung the biggest smart phone seller and by far largest Android OS manufacturer are stepping away from Android. The reason seems to be Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility.

Samsung is considering releasing Tizen phones at some point of time in Q1 or Q2 of 2013. MWC 2013 will be the best platform for this announcement, but nothing is confirmed officially. This mobile device is naturally going to be named after Samsung. Samsung’s recent has been Note and the Galaxy series all running the Google’s own Android OS. Tizen is obviously not going to replace Android on these handsets, rather will be launched on Low and mid-range devices. Tizen’s hit will determine its future and its competition with one of the most successful Mobile OS: Android.

What’s interesting about Tizen?

Tizen is going to be released in small and mid-range phone, in small numbers and not threaten its very own Galaxy brand (which has captured a lot of market). Tizen’s worldwide release will surely be handy for Samsung to gain knowledge on its perseverance and dedicated research.

Some researchers from Market strategies quoted:

“Differentiation by ecosystem is not currently a primary driver in the selection of mobile devices for the modern, savvy consumer, but there are key differentiation that each OS can enjoy and exploit. The evolving impact of these factors in a fast-moving space will continue to be fascinating to watch (and research).”

Is Tizen an Escape Route from Android?

We have heard it a lot many times that Samsung is willing to develop its own open source OS so as to reduce its dependency on Android. Samsung has tried a lot but failed to grab any attention. FAILURE IS THE PILLAR OF SUCCESS: So Samsung has put all its effort in developing Tizen. Samsung has declared a war between the Mobile OS: Tizen vs Android. I guess Tizen will be Samsung’s new escape route from the claws of Google and its monopoly. With the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google, other manufacturer may divert their attention to Tizen, thereby making it a significant competitor to Android and even iOS.

Is It Tizen vs Android?

With the rise in popularity of Tizen, Android’s era of popularity has already started degrading. But with so many handset makers in Google’s fist it will be really a big match for the Tizen as well as Samsung to win the hearts of the consumers out there. We will get all our answers once Tizen gets live. For more info on Tizen vs Android be in touch with me.

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