Tips and Precautions before rooting your Android Phone

Things to keep in mind while Rooting the Android Phone

Root AndroidIn the previous article we saw the advantages of Rooting an Android Phone. But you should stay cautious. This is because, rooting is a bit risky procedure. If it is not performed properly, then you may even end up bricking the handset. Also, there is a risk of data loss. Apart from this, rooting the android phone makes the warranty void. If you read the below mentioned points thoroughly, then perhaps you can save your android handset from any possible damage.

Points to Remember before rooting:

  • If you are performing the rooting procedure for the very first time then it is sure that you may need help and guidance from helpful sites like But while you are making a search on the site or Google, make sure you search for the correct phone model. This is because different Android phones have different rooting procedures. If you follow the wrong procedure, you may curse yourself for bricking or damaging the handset. For example, if you own LG Optimus P970 and you wish to root the same, then search for that model only. In case, if you have a phone for which rooting procedure does not exist on our site, then you can contact us by posting a comment or send and email through contact us page and we will surely help you out.
  • Once again, it is vital to note that for rooting procedure you need to find out trusted and authentic source. There are many sites that do not have proper or correct procedures or form a procedure from info collected from unreliable sources . Please beware from them.
  • While you are searching for the rooting procedure, also search simultaneously for the unrooting procedure. Since rooting voids the warranty, if unrooting back is there then it would give you more courage to root your phone.
  • It is recommended that before you actually begin rooting the android, you must charge your phone to the extent of 60-80 percent. If you can make the battery fully charged, then there is nothing better than that. This is specifically mentioned, because many of the rooting procedures on phones take time and also the battery consumption goes up. In that case, the physical hurdle like a battery getting discharged would be pathetic.
  •  It is true that, as a techno geek you would love experimenting. But, if your purpose is getting solved merely with rooting then avoid the temptation to move ahead to other procedures like overclocking etc. Such operations would damage the hardware of the handset, if you make even a small mistake. It is therefore advised that keep away from greed!

Also you should have a clear idea on what to expect from a rooted phone. Just by rooting your Android will not give you added features. You need to have apps, tweaks or custom ROMs which needs root access to get the most out of your rooted phone.


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    Can u tell me in detail how to root my Micromax A-75 as i dont want many apps as well to improve battery back up.

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    can tell me how to root Korean galaxy tab 7.0 …. SHW-M180S

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    can tell how to root my korean tab samsung galaxy 7.0 SHW-M180S

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