Tethering Galaxy S3 for Wi-Fi Sharing

Set up Tethering on Samsung Galaxy S3

Tethering Android phones help in sharing internet connection with other devices. Wi-Fi sharing is something that gives the Android device position of the modem or Wi-Fi router. In this article we will provide you information in relation to how to set up Samsung galaxy S3 as Wi-Fi hotspot. But it would be better to take opinion of your service provider in this regards. This is because your service provider may have some data charges for tethering. You can buy the unlimited plan that also provides you with the tethering facility. But be very specific in this regards as far as information is concerned because some networks may charge you per gigabyte of data or as per the number of hours etc. We therefore recommend that you make all these things clear with your service provider first.

Now, the question is how to share internet connection from Galaxy S3 with laptop, another mobile or tablet? Well, there are various methods in which you can do that.

The very first method is Samsung Galaxy S3 USB tethering.

  1. Take USB cable that has come with your Galaxy S3 and connect your phone with the computer with the help of this USB cable.
  2. Now tap on apps icon.
  3. Tap on settings.
  4. Tap on tethering and portable hotspot.
  5. There is a box besides USB tethering. You need to check that box and activate the same.
  6. Now, you will see that there will be an automatic connection between your Galaxy S3 and computer. Also an internet connection will be established.

The second method is tethering Galaxy S3 Via Bluetooth

 The method for Bluetooth is same as USB tethering. The only change will be rather than using the USB cable you will have to use Bluetooth. Also, while activating or checking the box in the 5th step you have to consider Bluetooth tethering rather than USB tethering.

The last method is tethering Samsung Galaxy S3 via Wi-Fi.

  1. Tap on the Apps icon
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on More Settings
  4. Tap on Tethering and portable hotspot
  5. Tap the Portable WiFi Hotspot on
  6. Now after you are done with all the above you must move to the Wi-Fi settings of the other device and search for the Wi-Fi network of Galaxy S3 and connect to it. As soon as the connection is established, there will be an internet connection.

We hope that the above methods will be helpful to you in sharing internet from Galaxy S3 with laptop or other devices. Kindly let us know your feedback on this.




  1. Jeffry G. Ford says:

    My Sprint galaxy s3 doesn’t have “portable hotspot” as an option. Is there any way to get this to work?

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