Upgrade Verizon Galaxy S3 with Slim Bean ROM

verizon s3

In this article we shall provide you information about the new Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon S3. Verizon S3 has received Slim Bean ROM which is quite exciting for the users.The reason why users would like Slim Bean custom ROM for Verizon S3 is that, this ROM is quite smooth and it is also light.[…]

Install Latest Version of Hybrom ROM for Sony WT19i

WT19i Live with Walkman

The first and the foremost thing you are required to do is, download HYBROM V17 fOR WT19i. It is important to note that you must unlock the bootloader of your WT19i officially before you take up any of the procedures given below. Along with this you need to install ClockworkMod recovery and custom kernel. […]

T-Mobile Amaze 4G gets Jelly Bean CM10

jelly bean

Jelly Bean AOSP CM10 ROM for T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G.Jelly Bean is the flavour of the season and the way it has gone viral is just awesome. Everyone in the Android world is talking about Jelly Bean and the way the movement has begun up, it is truly appreciable by all means. Yesterday we talked about Jelly Bean alpha on HTC Sensation and today we are talking about another HTC handset for T-Mobile.[…]

Android Jelly Bean AOSP ROM developed for Xperia Pro

jelly bean

Jellyfish_B1 Jelly Bean ROM for Xperia Pro.The very first thing we would like to make clear is if you want to flash Jellyfish _B1 AOSP ROM on Xperia Pro then first you must take complete back up of your phone. This will help you to play safe if something happens with your phone while flashing the ROM.Also, it is better to keep the phone charged to the extent of 70 percent in order to avoid any sort of disruption.

When will Micromax Funbook Tablet get Jelly Bean?

micromax funbook

Is Jelly Bean Update Due for Micromax Funbook P300?Micromax Funbook P300 is a 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is one of the most affordable tablets as available in today’s times. This fun and educational tablet is priced at around Rs 6500-7000 in India. […]

Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Galaxy S2

Galaxy S2 gets Flavor of Jelly Bean ROM.As we all know that Jelly Bean fest has just begun and things are actually going to be quite thrilling and exciting over a period of time. We hope you would love to hear more news on this. So we have come up with the post relating to Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2. […]

Custom ROM and Kernel for Galaxy GIO

Samsung Galaxy GIO Ice Cream Sandwich update

Imaginary ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy GIO.One of the Senior member at XDA named Ahmed Hamouda came up with an amazing ROM called as Imaginary ICS ROM.This ROM supports Arabic officially and is completely different. Developer Delanoister ported this ROM on Galaxy GIO.[…]

Cyanbook v0.3 ROM for Micromax Funbook P300

micromax funbook

Install CM9 themed Custom ROM on Micromax Funbook Micromax Funbook aka P300 is truly one of the most affordable Android tablets as available in the market these days. Since its launch this tablet has created hot buzz everywhere. These days we are also able to see the advertisement on television. Over-all the product is quite […]

Neo ROM V 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy R i9103

galaxy r

Install Neo ROM V 2.0 on Galaxy R.Samsung Galaxy R has definitely maintained its own dignity even though every now and then it is compared with the giant Galaxy S2. Galaxy R has smaller dimensions and smaller data storage capacity as compared to S2. […]

Custom ROM for Xperia ARC S with Unlocked Bootloader


JJ’s Hybrid ROM for Xperia ARC S running on ICS. Xperia ARC S has acquired Ice Cream Sandwich update recently. You might have explored the platform by now. So, do you wish to try something else now […]

Install ICS ROM on LG Nitro HD P930 (Leaked Firmware)


Well, if you are an ardent tester and love experimenting then we don’t mind showing you the procedure for installing ICS leaked ROM on LG Nitro HD P930. But we would appreciate, if you read the given disclaimer thoroughly.[…]

Install Minisense V2 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Mini

galaxy mini

Minisense ROM for Samsung Galaxy Mini to provide it with full HTC interface. This ROM is smooth, fast and works like charm. It has been created in such a way that the looks that it generates give an impression of HTC stock […]

XHS v2.0 Custom ROM for Xperia S LT26i Released


LT26i ROM as XHSv2.0 aka Xperia High Speed v2.0. Developer suggests that this firmware will be useful to many users because it is light and clean. Also, it will enhance performance of your LT26i Xperia model. With this fast and efficient software users will be able to have better experience with multimedia, social add-ons, themes etc.[…]

Butterfly ICS v2.0 Custom ROM for Xperia S LT26i

Root Xperia Play on Ice Cream Sandwich

In this article we are going to provide useful information about Butterfly ICS v2.0 ROM for Xperia S. This development comes from reputed XDA Developer Lervly. We thank him for this wonderful contribution to the firmware technology. Xperia S will also get the taste of ICS treat with this ROM. […]

CM9 Alpha ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001


CM9 Alpha Build 2 on Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 enhances UI and provides perfect performance to the handset. CyanogenMod can be defined as an aftermarket tailor made or custom made firmware distribution for the selected or specific Android handsets. CyanogenMod is used in place of firmware orROM.Thus you can say that it is an open source project […]