Motorola Atrix HD to get Jelly Bean Update

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Jelly Bean Treat Coming up for Atrix HD.As per Motorola’s official page update, it is anticipated that the next Android gadget to receive a Jelly Bean update is Motorola Atrix HD. […]

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Y

galaxy y duos

Are you looking for updating your Galaxy y with Jelly Bean ROM? If yes, then just read on the procedure given below. You will get thrilled to learn that Jelly Bean will really make your phone amazingly superb. But since this is an unofficial ROM there are some risks involved. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 gets VeinDroid Custom ROM

galaxy note 2

Note 2 is already blessed with amazing features and now when there are such great developments we can not miss them out. In this article we shall mention details about the newest ROM VeinDroid ROM for Galaxy Note 2 N7100.[…]

Install Jelly Bean 4.1 on Samsung Galaxy S3 No Rooting

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If you wish to install Jelly Bean 4.1 on Galaxy S3 quickly then you can do so without any problems. It is very simple. You don’t even need to root the phone.[…]

Easily Upgrade Sony WT19i Live with Walkman with CM 10 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM

WT19i Live with Walkman

Sony did not officially release a Jelly Bean update for Sony Ericsson LWW, you can get this update unofficially via custom ROM. Yes, we are going to discuss about an amazing CM10 Jelly Bean custom ROM for Sony WT19i.[…]

15 Samsung Phones getting Jelly Bean Update, but Galaxy Tab 10.1 won’t

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However, Samsung has not yet revealed any dates as in when will the 15 Samsung phones get Jelly Bean 4.1. But Samsung has provided list of phones and tablets which will get this update.[…]

Jelly Bean for Xperia P or Jelly Bean for Xperia S Tablet?

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Jelly Bean update for Xperia P may not be possible. Also, Jelly Bean update for Xperia S tablet is a possibility. When will this become reality is still not finalized. So what we can do right now is just wait and watch as to when is Jelly Bean coming on Xperia S tablet.[…]

Experience Jelly Bean Love on HTC Desire via CyanogenMod 10

htc desire

The latest development here is CM10 port on HTC Desire. Yes, reputed developer bWorks from XDA came up with CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Desire. This has been ported from Nexus and thus the ROM already has Google Apps loaded in it.[…]

Turbo MIUI Jelly Bean ROM for Xperia Play based on CM10 (Alpha ROM)

xperia play

We heartily thank and congratulate XDA developer CosmicDan for sharing this ROM.As per the developer he has been using CM10 based MIUI ROM for Xperia Play. He finds it kind of stable. Even though some bugs are still there. But since this is the alpha stage we can expect a few changes ahead[…]

Galaxy S3 to get Jelly Bean Official Update in Q3 or Q4

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Jelly Bean 4.1 on Galaxy S3 will come up soon. In fact the official Jelly Bean update on Galaxy S3 should be at the end of Q3 or at the start of Q4. This means that you can expect the good news somewhere around October.[…]

CM10 on Xperia S Released


since we said earlier that we will share the picture showing CM10 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on Xperia S, we would surely keep by our words. But before that we would like to disclose something about the developer who is tirelessly working on this project. Bin4ry is a developer at Team FreeXperia. He has been quite active as far as the Android development in Xperia niche is concerned.[…]

Install Official Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on Nexus S

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Official Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update on Nexus S Rolling out Tomorrow We got the news via Android Community that official Jelly Bean update will roll out for Nexus S tomorrow. Wow! It’s going to be a landmark. Already Jelly Bean has received a warm welcome on the Android platform as compared to its ancestors. And […]

Development of CM10 on Xperia Play and other Sony Phones

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The Jelly Bean CM10 ROM for Xperia Play that we are talking about is created by team FreeXperia. This is considered as one of the best teams that engineers CM versions for Xperia. The major focus that the team has kept as of date was CM 7.2 and CM 9.0. But still, it came up with this CM10 development as the team wants to give the users the latest Jelly Bean experience.[…]

Keep Watch on Features of CM10 by CyanogenMod


CyanogenMod’s Jelly Bean CM10 Features Listed.We understand that if you have any of the handsets as in Galaxy S3, HTC Sensation, Motorola Defy or ASUS then already CM10 has come up for that (alpha, beta or perfect one). But there are many handsets which are still under development and there’s few days pending before CM10 is released for them. […]

T-Mobile Amaze 4G gets Jelly Bean CM10

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Jelly Bean AOSP CM10 ROM for T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G.Jelly Bean is the flavour of the season and the way it has gone viral is just awesome. Everyone in the Android world is talking about Jelly Bean and the way the movement has begun up, it is truly appreciable by all means. Yesterday we talked about Jelly Bean alpha on HTC Sensation and today we are talking about another HTC handset for T-Mobile.[…]