T-Mobile SGH-T699 Specs, Pics and Features Leaked

T-Mobile Samsung Slider Images Leaked

Even though people talk about fashion and trends in the field of Android Smart Phone, what works as u.s.p for any Android handset is its functional nature. For many people QWERTY keyboard is still something that would provide with the best levels of convenience while typing the message or while using the phone as a PC. Thus, even though apparently it is felt that touch screen is the in thing, you can not ignore the user base who still advocate QWERTY keyboard in Android phones.

If you also belong to such a category then here’s good news for you. T-Mobile is believed to come up with Samsung Slider phone soon in USA. Perhaps this is SGH-T699. We have fetched this news from TmoNews. Well, there was no such official announcement on this, but what made us think so is the image leak that came up. Just look into the image carefully.

T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T699 is the term that we have heard lot many times before. But initially there were different perceptions on this. There were rumors that perhaps this model number will be T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Nexus. But our imaginations were not accurate. Neither this seems to be the next Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile, nor this gives an impression about TMO’s Galaxy S3. In fact from the looks and the QWERTY property it bears, this phone looks like a mid-level QWERTY Android Smart Phone.

Now, since you can clearly look into the leaked image, let us provide you some details about the leaked specs of SGH-T699.

Specs and Features of SGH-T699 Samsung Slider (Leaked)

Android ICS 4.0

QWERTY Keyboard

5MP camera at the back

Front facing camera

LED notification light

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

We feel that it is last year’s S3 chip that will be used in this mid-level phone. The S4 chips would be used in the high end phones. Also, we could find out that the SGH-T699 has Android ICS mainly because of the keyboard icon in the notification bar located at the extreme left corner of the screen at the top. Yes, this icon is usually present only for Android 4.0 Smart Phone devices.

Likewise, looking into the leaked image, based on some past news and rumors as well as the general working style of Samsung Mobile, we could find out this much about the phone. We hope, that’s enough as of now. But we promise you to keep updated on this as and when we receive more news on this. So, just stay tuned. Also, let us know your views and responses on this.



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