Step by Step Instructions to Root Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Tutorial for Rooting Galaxy Y Duos S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 has been one of the popular models in the Android field. Everyday there are large number of buyers for this phone as well. Thus, we thought that it would be a good step to provide instructions to root this amazing phone. It will enhance users’ experience and will make their Android use functional and potent.

Rooting an Android device is really a bold step. It means that you will make the warranty void. But the benefits that you get after rooting Samsung Galaxy Y Duos would be simply incomparable. You will be able to get all the privilege and super user benefits. You will get an opportunity to actually get into the system. After getting in, you can remove many useless apps and change the settings as per the need.

There are many other advantages of rooting an Android Smart Phone. You can check them all right here:

If you are interested in rooting Samsung Galaxy Y Duos then you can check out the tutorial to root Galaxy Y Duos below. But before that, kindly go through the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Rooting an Android Smart Phone makes the warranty of the phone void. Thus, you should take this method up at your own risk. If while following the method anything goes wrong with your handset, we shall not be responsible for that. Kindly read the tutorial thoroughly first and then act upon the same. It is important to note that the method as mentioned below is compatible only for Samsung Galaxy Duos and no other device.

Root Galaxy Y Duos

You will need downloads for rooting and unrooting zip files from the links as given at the end of the post.

Now, once you are done with that kindly take a proper back up of your phone data, APN settings, sms and everything else that you find useful on your phone. Have proper back up as it helps in keeping provision for something that may go wrong with the phone during the rooting process.

Download rooting file from the links as given at the end of the post.

Copy that file to SD card. (Do not put in any folder).

Now you need to switch off the device and get into the Recovery mode. You can do this by pressing and holding the following buttons together: Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button.

In the Recovery mode you will find blue color interface. In this the volume up and down keys can be used for scrolling up and down. The Home button on can be used in selection and the Power button for going back.

Select Apply Update for SD card and choose

Once you find this kind of patching as done, you must select Reboot system now and reboot the phone.

This should root your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. You can check this by looking into the Menu. If you find SuperUser, it is confirmed that your Android is rooted.

Steps to UnRoot Galaxy Y Duos

For unrooting Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, the steps as given above should be repeated. But rather than the rooting zip you must use unroot zip. This is the only change. We recommend that you must take a back up before unrooting the phone. For checking that whether you have successfully unrooted the phone or not you can get into the Menu option. If you find SuperUser missing, it is understood that there is no root in the Android.

Download Root and Unroot Package from here:

1) Rooting ZIP – Download
2) UnRooting ZIP – Download


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