Sony Xperia S Tablet Specs and Features Announced at IFA

Xperia S Tablet Joins Android Bandwagon and Preorder Starts Today

Xperia S Tablet is the latest rage among the consumers. This is the newly announced tablet. The formal announcement was made at IFA 2012 in Berlinjust today. You will get mesmerized when you will read about Xperia S Tablet specs and features.

Features and Specs Xperia Tablet S

ICS 4.0

Powered by Nvidia Tegra 3

Ful sized SD card slot for extended storage

HDMI connectivity


ClearAudio+ Mode

Based on Universal Remote

Sony’s Exec Lubell says that “The Xperia Tablet S enhances this by adding macro functionality, allowing the ability to turn on multiple devices of most brands, including TV, Blu-ray Disc player and audio system, with the touch of one button. Users can easily program sequenced commands such as ‘Watch TV’ or ‘Play Music’ and perform the sequences with one tap on the screen. “TV fans can use the app to discover new shows based on intelligent recommendations from the app, change the channel with a flick of the finger and share their thoughts on what they are watching via Twitter, Facebook and Get Glue,”

The Xperia Tablet S is available in the following range,

16 GB—-399 USD

32 GB—-499 USD

64 GB —-$599

We have provided you apt info about Xperia S Tablet price. Good news is that pre-orders have already started from today.  You can also order accessories like cover with keyboard, dock speaker, charging cradle, and many others.

So, are you going to buy this new tablet? Are you impressed with Xperia S Tab specs and features? Well, just the last statement. Xperia S Tablet release date is 7th September. So, if at all you are planning to buy a tablet we recommend you to favor this one as it seems to be really a tablet with unique features. Also, we are sure that since Sony is pretty quick now in updating the software, it is for sure that Xperia S Tab with ICS will soon get Jelly Ban 4.1 once there’s an official roll out.

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