Sony Xperia making Preparations for New Xperia Nexus

Xperia Nexus along with LG Optimus Nexus and Galaxy II Nexus rumored to hit Docomo

Google Nexus 4

We understand that how you all must be feeling now. Yes, but the rumor surely has lots of potency. Initially there was a word that New Nexus would come up on Samsung alone. But as per Japanese site Android Noodles, it is indicated that NTT Docomo will have Sony Nexus, LG Nexus and Samsung Nexus. Also, there’s an indication that these handsets will be released by the end of this year.

Many people follow Sony as a brand blindly. Similarly many people preach LG as well as Samsung in their own special way. For them this news will serve as a treat. Xperia Nexus hitting Docomo is something many people might have expected. Now when these rumor round ups are getting stronger it is surely going to thrill the people.

We are sure now you would have started getting ideas as to how will the new Sony Xperia Nexus look or for that matter what will LG offer for its Nexus handset? Even though the rumor mill has only these three Nexus handsets, in reality it is anticipated that by November 5 in total five Nexus handsets will come to life. This is because in November Android will celebrate its fifth anniversary and thus something special is surely going to come up. Even though we don’t have HTC’s name in any of the rumors, it might also be part of the Google’s partnership. This is because HTC is a leading brand and when we are talking of multiple Google partners coming up with new Nexus, HTC should naturally be inside the tray.

Many Sony guys will ask that will the new Xperia Nexus have Jelly Bean. Well, the answer is mostly, yes. The new Xperia Nexus with Jelly Bean will have amazing features and the same thing we can say about Optimus Nexus and Samsung II Nexus.

But this is the most we can say about the new Nexus line at this point in time. But we promise you to keep you updated on this as and when we come across some news on this. We hope you liked this post. Also, we would love if you would share your views and comments right here on the comment section. So, all we can say is, just stay tuned!

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