Sony Hayabusa LT29i aka Xperia GX Leaked News and Images

Hayabusa LT29i Pictures Leak

Sony is smart enough to keep its bigger discoveries under wraps. But still, we could find out what’s cooking up right at Sony. Sony’s Hayabusa aka Xperia GX has created a buzz all over. But only a bit of info was available in regards to the same. However, good news is, Sony Hayabusa LT29i has made special appearance at FCC. But before that we would like to revive your memo relation to this handset. In May we ha provided you the news about leaked features and specs of Sony Hayabusa LT29i. You can check this from this link: We hope you are clear with the info that we have already provided for Xperia GX.

Now, coming back to the news in relation to Hayabusa at FCC, the documents that approved the phone were quite bizarre because the documents provided only a small technical detail as in the pentaband HSPA-capable 3G support. Till date July was expected release month. But now US and European Sony lovers will have to wait for Hayabusa until mid-August. However, for Japan Hayabusa release date seems to be end of July.

We are refreshing you in relation to specs and features of Hayabusa:

  • The new Xperia Android Smart Phone will have 4.6 inch display.
  • It will be equipped with Dual Core Processor of 1.5GHz.
  • It may have 13 MP camera.
  • It may have internal flash memory of 16GB.
  • It may be potent enough to carry out with HD video recording.
  • Perhaps the color options that would be available may be black or white.

We would reproduce something that you were desperately waiting for. Yes, we are talking about Xperia Hayabusa leaked pictures. Here it is.

We hope you have all the info that you had been searching for. It is important to note that Sony has not yet confirmed the Xperia LT29i release date officially. But from the moves that Hayabusa is taking over the internet, it seems that the wait is almost over. We hope you liked this article. Do let us know how you feel about this giant handset. Will it compete with the other giants that have already come up in the market? What do you think? Will it bear a bulky price tag or would be something affordable? Kindly drop your comments and views here. We love sharing your views.

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