One Click Root for Xperia ARC S (ICS 4.0.4) with Unlocked Bootloader

Easy LT18i ARC S Root Exploit One Click

Xperia One click root


Do you have Xperia ARC S with ICS 4.0.4 and unlocked bootloader? Well, if you think rooting this would be tedious then we are here to change your misconceptions on this. Rooting is never tough till XDA developers and members toil and work hard in providing you with simple and easy rooting tools.

As far as Xperia ARC S is concerned, the official rooting method on ICS is already out. But somehow to layman that would seem to be a bit complicated. There’s good news for Xperia ARC S owners. Developer Shantusingh has come up with a simple one click method for rooting Xperia ARC S on ICS 4.0.4. In the official thread of XDA (given at the end of the post) he explains how he made it all so very simple.

How did the developer do it all so easily?

Procedure to Root Sony Xperia ARC S with unlocked bootloader on ICS

Developer explains that he initially had 4.0.3 Kernel. He connected his phone to Sony PC Companion and it showed that an update was available. This update was 4.0.4. So, he flashed 4.0.4 on his device using flash tools 0.6.8 and excluded Kernel from it. The best thing as per him is, the codes and such things were same just like in 4.0.3.

If needed >> [Arc S] [ICS 4.0.4] 4.1.B.0.431 Generic World (1254-2184) :

Now, we will give you the download link from where you can download the Root-Exploit-Oneclick for rooting Xperia ARC S. But before that, kindly go through the notes and disclaimer.

Notes: This procedure was tested only on Xperia ARC S.

The rooting tool as provided by the developer is only for Xperia ARC S.

It is vital that before rooting the phone on ICS 4.0.4, you take complete back up.

You should keep the phone charged to the extent of 70 percent.

Disclaimer: Even though the developer has tested this procedure on his Xperia ARC S with unlocked bootloader and with ICS 4.0.4, it is vital to note that there may be some risk involved in rooting the phone. You must have enough technical knowledge while you adopt this method. Kindly take it up at your own risk.

First you must download the Root Exploit One Click for Xperia ARC S from here:

Run the Exploit.

Well, so simple. Rooted!

The developer has really shown a simple method. We are thankful to him for making the complicated thing so simple. Here’s Developer Shantu Singh’s profile:

Official Thread:

Friends you can also check the new article  on Xperia e Cream Pureness ROM ICS 4.0.4 for Xperia ARC S:

Important note !

Please read the comments from the developer itself from XDA forum who developed it. Our special Thanks to Shantusingh for his support. You can ask your doubts here and we shall try our best to get it answered.


  1. Shantusingh says:

    Thanks i appreciate for posting this, i am the dev who applied this method and was the first one to find out about this, just with too many threads on that site being posted with same title my thread got deleted still need not to worry the Official thread with pics has been moved to :

    • Shantusingh says:

      Just to add on my previous message i can post my steps here (only for arc s) :
      people who have not got 4.0.4 update yet and need root on 4.0.3 ics here are the steps :

      just check mark usb debugging on phone and check unknown sources, connect phone to pc
      Run Root Exploit One Click “run me” batch file:…_OneClick.html
      phone will restart 2-3 times, its ok and then You will have root on ics 4.0.3 …..

      Now i would suggest that people install 4.0.4 update of their country specific generic from sony pc camp once released… because it might be the most improved one and with less bloatwares (junk system apps like adobe reade, office, etc)

      So once you are on Ics 4.0.4 update and want to root it aswell with its kernel in the end here are the steps:
      Install flashtools 0.6.8 or any higher version though i just use this one and works fine (google it or download it from xda)download/extract and
      drag 4.0.3 kernel ftf file to flashtools.
      u will get a pop-up do as the pop up says in flashtools… it will install 4.0.3 kernel and then turn your phone on..
      then run Root Exploit One Click “run me” batch file:…_OneClick.html to get root just .
      then in flashtools drag the 4.0.4 complete setup ftf file
      un-check all options and just keep the 4.0.4 kernel check marked ..

      There you will have it! 4.0.4 Ics With 4.0.4 kernel and with root !!

      Manpreet Singh aka Shantusingh
      Xda Profile :
      Do check my other threads for more fun 😉
      Don’t Forget To Press Thanks on Xda
      Sony LT18i Xperia Arc S
      Xperia U White

  2. Shantusingh says:

    Please edit and correct the previous post
    correct link:

    my Xda profile :

  3. shantusingh says:

    Just to add on that this method works on locked bootloaders aswell as i am on locked bootloader 😉

    Next i am waiting for xperia s ics to be released so i port its updated media player with clear bass and sound enhancement, colour changing album art in 3d, everything of its music player on arc s! It enhances music like u have an xperia s 😀

    Have done it already on gingerbread you can check my xda threads . Now Ics is next!

    How does that sounds?

  4. Hector Garcia says:

    1000000000000 Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My movil is a SE XPERIA ARC and was so easy!!!!!!!
    Note: the files must be in C:

  5. Shantusingh says:

    well no compulsion to have anything in c, i had everything in d :) … just all drivers should be installed well on pc that automatically goes in drive c system in pc …..

    anyways another correction in my steps above as i wrote it in a hurry, so look up where i wrote :
    ” in flashtools drag the 4.0.4 complete setup ftf file
    un-check all options and just keep the 4.0.4 kernel check marked ”

    Instead in flashtools drag the 4.0.4 complete setup ftf file just check mark “exclude system” and “exclude baseband” need not to wipe data and cache again so uncheck them and ofcourse also keep the kernel unchecked.. that will do :)

    this would be my last post here as there is no edit option to correct posts later on…. so just would recommend to visit xda for more updates from me 😀

  6. Give more tutorial in deep please

  7. claire00 says:

    Does it work on phones that are rooted before. I had downgraded my phone from .62 to .42 just to have it rooted. I really do want it to be upgraded.

    Bigthanks to those who can help me. :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Single Click Root for Xperia ARC S (ICS 4.0.4) with Unlocked Bootloader!

    Will this not work for locked bootloader arc s?

  9. I am a bit confused. I bought the arc s 3 days ago. I firstly updated the arc s through the companion software by sony. Now I am running the ICS 4.0.4. Do I just download this file on my pc and run it and my phone will be unlocked or do I have to downgrade to 4.0.3?

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